I Can Follow a Chili Nachos Recipe Haiku, Can You?

This is “nacho” normal recipe… (get it??)

Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and a thought popped into my head: I don’t know how to make anything. Sure, I have made a sandwich here and there, but I really want to dazzle my family with something brand new. Chili nachos seem like the perfect fit. There are plenty for everyone, and they are a mobile treat for when the fanatics in my family want to take a few to eat in the middle of their “football fits”. I came upon a wonderful recipe that took me back to the old times of eating nachos with my Dad at various sporting events: baseball, basketball, and football. This recipe inspired my chef-like qualities, and I have never been more excited to make food for my family. Hopefully, everyone will be impressed with my newly acquired skills!

My interest in making Chili Nachos was piqued further while browsing the writing assignments in the Assignment Bank. One caught my eye immediately, as it actually applies to my current life. I was already testing the waters with my creativity in the culinary world, why not expand that creativity into my ds106 world? The recipe I found was, no offense to its creator, rather boring! Rewriting it in the form of a Haiku seems like fun. The prompt specifically reads:

Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions!

This assignment is worth 3 points.

I began the process by reading over the recipe a few times. I realized that I could not have picked better reference material because all of the steps were spelled out in short sentences that I could transform in the 5/7/5 syllable pattern that is typical of haikus. Throughout the poem, I focused my attention on using mostly one syllable commands, such as “place”, “set”, and “spread”, in order to save syllables for the rest of the instructions. With that in mind, I set to work structuring my ten stanzas, while looking and sounding ridiculous as I kept track of the syllables by counting on my fingers and enunciating each word aloud.

Being my first Assignment Bank creation, this haiku means a lot because I am already able to see how this class relates to the real world. Incidentally, I was able to intertwine my work with pleasure. There is no doubt in my mind that this haiku will be playing in the back of my head, as I attempt to execute the simple instructions of this recipe on Super Bowl Sunday.

I Can Follow a Chili Nachos Recipe Haiku, Can You?

Place twenty nachos

onto an oven-safe plate.

Set aside for now.

In a small saucepan,

warm up two cups of chili.

Spread one over chips.

Sprinkle one cup of

extra-sharp shredded cheddar

over the chili.

Scoop the last cup of

chili on top of the cheese.

Spread out evenly!

Sprinkle another

cup of the shredded cheddar

onto the chili.

Warm in the oven

set to four hundred degrees,

until the cheese melts!

Remove with a mitt…

oven-safe will prevent you

from burning your hand!

It’s time for toppings!

Add one dollop of sour cream

and guacamole.

One cup of salsa

added all over the top

will make it yummy!

Add jalapeño

if you desire extra heat.

You’re ready to eat!

Below is a visual representation of this recipe (for some extra credit :) )

A picture is worth a thousand haikus!