“Jewel’s” Jewel

The Susan Carter Morgan’s Tell me a story prompt states:

 Everything has a story. So, find an item that you have an extreme emotional attachment to, take a picture of it, and tell the story! Convey all the emotion and feeling, and let us know why the item is important to you!

This assignment is worth 2 points.

The first thing that came to mind when I came upon this assignment was to take a picture of the basketball that I shot my 1,000th career point with as a Stafford High School Indian and write about the emotions surrounding the game, which we lost, and the moment they stopped play to award me the game ball. However, then, I became torn because I was also given a pair of pearl earrings from my granddad when I turned nineteen to remember my grandma, whose name was Pearl. She died suddenly upon returning home after coming to one of my high school basketball games in December of 2013. My senior year was bittersweet because we were extremely close and losing her during a year that I was reaping the benefits of four years of hard work, both athletically and academically, was tough. It was almost unbearable! So, I decided to abandon both of my favorite possession stories and tell the story of Julia James’ black onyx ring, which is listed as such on her character dossier. Another reason I went this route is because I was one point shy of completion for writing assignments dedicated to my noir character! I will be assuming the character of Julia James again!

Kendall's 1000th high school career point ball
Kendall’s 1000th high school      career point ball
Kendall's pearl earrings
Kendall’s pearl earrings

When writing this response, I began by fabricating an emotional attachment, which proved easier than I thought, considering that my grandma owned a black onyx ring, and I was able to look at it while writing as Julia. I decided that the ring, given to Julia by her own mother, would represent beauty but also intelligence, since that is what she preached to Julia. Her parents’ marriage destroyed her mother’s individuality and strength, so Julia had to be different in order to uphold the power that is a Femme Fatale. Her favorite possession worked perfectly to act as a catalyst in finding a perfect combination between beauty and intelligence.

"Jewel's" black onyx ring
“Jewel’s” black onyx ring


“Jewel’s” Jewel

My favorite possession has to be the black onyx ring that my mother, Claire, handed down to me when I graduated high school. It is very valuable to me, not only because it is beautiful and expensive, but also because it belonged to the strongest woman on this planet. My mom had to put up with a lot of what I call abuse. My father didn’t beat her up or anything, but he disregarded her as a person with thoughts and feelings. To him, she was property, to be appreciated for her beauty but little else. This began the first day she got married and continued until she mustered the strength to finally divorce him. She tried her best to deal with it for at least four to six years more, because she knew that with the pre-nuptial agreement that she was forced to sign, she wouldn’t be able to send me to college and law school. She also knew that he would not pay for it if they divorced. However, my mom just could not take it anymore. She sat me down right before I was to accept Harvard to tell me all about it. She also confided in me that it was because of her marriage that she had always instilled in me the value of education and warned me of the dangers associated with being pretty. I wear the ring, which is also my favorite color, every day as a testament to my mom and a reminder that beauty and brains is a deadly combo.