A Quote By Kay

The “Quote Me on That” assignment that Professor Groom submitted to the Assignment Bank is a perfect one to dedicate to my Femme Fatale character, Julia James! It states:

Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you’ve done and explain what interests you about it.

This assignment is worth 2 points.

As designated by yours truly in her character dossier, Julia’s favorite book is “The Black Dahlia,” by James Ellroy. Doing this assignment allowed me to develop her character further by picking a quote from her favorite book that would be important to her life. I chose one by Kay Lake. In addition, I was able to expand Julia’s literary interests to crime noir stories in general.

The writing process for this particular assignment began with trying to tap into what would inspire Julia James. I figured that if I was responding to this prompt in the traditional way of my own viewpoint, I would search for a quote from my favorite book that motivated me to be a strong woman. That is when I realized that I created Julia’s character under the influence of my own mindset. She longed to be a strong, independent woman, so the quote that is supposed to be her favorite had to encourage this. I went further to create an even more in-depth backstory for Julia, as I made her founder of a book club, in which she recommends her favorite book, “The Black Dahlia”. It was fun to pretend to do this assignment from the viewpoint of the character that I created.


A Quote By Kay

I am Julia James, legal secretary by day, and reading enthusiast by night! My latest recommendation for the “Jewel” Book Club is “The Black Dahlia,” by James Ellroy. The following quote from the novel is what drives me every day:


“Where’s your sketch pad?” I asked.

…”I gave that up,” Kay said, “I wasn’t very good, so I changed my major.”

“To what?”

“To pre-med, then psychology, then English lit, then history.”

“I like a woman who knows what she wants.”

Kay smiled, “So do I, but I don’t know any.”



Kay Lake’s character is a prime example of the type of woman that I do not want to be. My mom always stressed to me the importance of having brains to go along with my beauty. Not only do I agree with her on that point, I also always want to know exactly what I want and stop at nothing to achieve it! This, I believe, gives a woman infinite power in a world where men often try to treat them as inferiors. So, Kay, get a grip! Figure out what you want and go get it!

“The Black Dahlia,” is a neo-noir crime novel based on the true account of the murder of Elizabeth Short. It is a very dark read, but that is what ensnarled me. The characters are deeply affected by the murder in the story. I give it five stars!