Movies That Made Me!

My life has been changed over the years by several movies. All of them contain powerful women, just like me. I was not always this way, however. Growing up, my mom was treated like dirt by my dad. Unfortunately, she wasn’t strong enough to get out of the relationship at the beginning. I vowed that I would never be like that, and these movie scenes encourage that. Luckily, my mom gained enough strength to divorce him. As long as I follow the advice in these movies, I will never end up in a situation like that. I pounced at the opportunity to complete the “Movie Scenes that Changed our Lives” assignment. It states:

For this assignment, select scenes from 3-5 movies. These scenes should represent scenes that changed your life or made some sort of dramatic, traumatic, lasting, or emotional impact on you. When you have selected those scenes, create a video that shows the scenes and includes audio/video of you describing what it is about the scene that made a significant impact on you, what you are fond of about the scenes, what scares you, what you remember thinking when you were a child, etc. Feel free to be liberal in your interpretation of the instructions. Keep in mind, however, that the primary point is to recall 3-5 movie scenes that have made a lasting impact on you (whatever the reason for that impact may be.) When you are finished, upload the video to your blog, and, If you are inspired, expand on the reasons why you connect with the specific scenes in your video.

This assignment is worth 5 points.

The movies that I have watched throughout my years and the scenes that have changed my life are from Space Jam, Legally Blonde, Enough, Erin Brockovich, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Each of these scenes have strong female lead roles that take a stand and get what they want. I played around with iMovie, once again, and inserted pictures of the movie covers and the scenes themselves. I got the scenes from YouTube and used the 4K Video Downloader to download them and the MPEG Streamclip to cut out any parts that were unnecessary.  While the movie cover for each scene was playing, I recorded a voice-over that includes my explanations.  Nothing is better than a woman who can take charge and dictate their fate. Trust me, it is a great feeling! In this video, I explain exactly why these clips changed my life for the better!

Jewel out.