Guess What?!

This assignment was just to die for! As soon as I spotted the “Name that Book!” prompt, I knew that starting my own book club would come in handy one of these days, and today was that day! It states:

For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in quick succession using the app. Then upload the video and have your classmates guess the book title!

This assignment is worth 3 points.

This past week in the “Jewel” Book Club we began a novel about law: my absolute favorite subject! Boy, if I could have gone to Harvard, I would be the best lawyer out there these days. However, what’s the saying? Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve? I guess that’s all I can say because I don’t see it ever happening now, since both of my jobs are so demanding. Anyways, enough about me and on to the book title. I found the perfect three pictures to represent this novel. They include a car (I’m not telling which type), a suited man, and a gavel. I wasn’t sure how to use the whole Vine app since I just set it up. (By the way, follow me! My Vine is Jewel James! :) ) And because I have gotten so familiar with iMovie on my laptop this week, I decided to import the pictures into that, each of them being 2 seconds. And what is a Vine without background music?! (Or so I hear, since I really don’t know!) I found the perfect intense music to go along with this intense novel. Have I given you enough hints yet? Check out the Vine below, and then I’ll give you the answer…maybe!

Any guesses?

Well, since I am such a kind and generous person, I will give you the answer. It’s the “Lincoln Lawyer”, sillies! I had so much fun making this Vine and cannot wait to show it to all my girls next Wednesday when we meet for book club again.

Jewel out.