A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Although I graduated from high school just last year, it seems like a long time ago! My years at Stafford High School were pretty great, despite the many, many hours that I spent on homework and studying for AP and Honors classes. Four years of varsity basketball, combined with awesome friends, provided an outlet for the stress of schoolwork. Thank goodness! You may catch a small glimpse of what my high school years were like, if you watch the video that I created as part of my Assignment Bank choices this week. One of the video assignments, titled “High School Memories”, encourages the creation of a video to remember those years. The prompt states:

It’s time to relive your high school memories. Create a video that will take you back to your days of high school and those times that you may have forgotten. We all have them, so why not document them and share them with the world. Add videos, pictures, and audio that will relate to your story. Have fun reminiscing your high school days. Never forget those memories and times.

This assignment is worth 4.5 points.

My creative juices started to flow the moment I began browsing through the multitude of pictures on my old laptop, which I used during high school. (Who’s got time to transfer photos these days?!) I want to make a video that highlights my academic and athletic achievements and shows my biggest obstacle, but also includes my friends and social side. The process began with choosing my favorite photos of basketball games, homecoming court, proms, senior activities, my senior photos, graduation,  and special times with friends, as well as, a photo collage that included my Grandma, Granddad, and myself. You might ask, ” How does that collage fit into a high school memories theme?”  The answer…It represents the biggest challenge that I had to face during those years. You see, my Grandma, who I love very much and was extremely close to, passed away suddenly, after returning home from one of my senior year basketball games.  :( Needless to say, it was devastating, depressing, and the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with in my life, much less during high school. She was a special lady, and I will always remember the love and support that she showered me with every day she was alive! This video will be a way to share her with the world!

In addition to photos, videos are also a required element. I came across three videos, which are great memories of high school that I want to share. One is of me running up the same steps as Sylvester Stallone did as “Rocky”, which I accomplished while traveling with my summer AAU basketball team. Another is of my best friend and teammate and myself dunking on a short basketball goal, after a summer’s day workout at a park. Additionally, the third is of a game-winning three-pointer that I netted (sort of a buzzer-beater, but not really, because the other team had one more short possession), which helped our team advance to the Regional Tournament.

The final required component of the compilation video is to add audio. This took a little time to decide upon. I wanted to include a song with lyrics that would go with my photos and videos, but also have a special meaning to me. I reached out to Google for help finding inspirational songs, but while searching it dawned on me that the song my principal sung at our graduation ceremony would be perfect. So… “I Lived”, by OneRepublic, is the background music.

As the material chosen is all on my old Hewlett Packard laptop, I figured that it would be easier to create the video on it as well. It was back to Windows Live Movie Maker, which is fitting since it was the program I used for high school video assignments! I began by titling my video under the Home tab, using the “Title” option. Then, I added the photos and videos, one-by-one, in random order, which took a considerable amount of time, as I failed to copy my favorites into a separate folder. (Note to self for next time!) This was done by using the “Add videos and photos” option under the Home tab. Then, I added the music using the “Add music” option under the Home tab and decided I would make the video as long as the song. There were a few photos that I wanted to add text to, which I accomplished by using the “Caption” option under the Home tab. Then, while under the Animations tab, I applied individual transitions for each photo and video, to add some visual appeal. The final and painstakingly long process was to move the photos and videos, by clicking on them and dragging them, to a place in the song that best fit the lyrics. I also had to adjust their duration time to coordinate as well. After I had the video just the way I wanted it, I published it as a movie and uploaded it to YouTube. I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane as much as I did! What a great assignment! :)