People, Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend!

The “Special Person Montage” is a perfect way to pay tribute to the best guy I have ever known! Unlike most, he is always there for me, regardless! I can definitely see myself waking up to his cute face every day for the rest of my life. I think this may be true love! The prompt states:

For this assignment you are to decide on who is special to you. It could be a relative, sibling, parent, friend, mentor, celebrity, or anyone. Then you are to make a video of images or video clips of them showing all the different things that they do that makes them special to you. Add music, animation, transition, anything to make the video. In your write-up be sure to explain why the person is special to you.

This assignment is worth 5 points.

The hardest thing about my lifestyle is the loneliness! Of course, I am close to my mom, Edie, and Sylvia, but I do not have a special man in my life. I am blessed, however, to have a guy best friend, who is almost like family. He has been there from the very beginning, from when I used to hide under my bed from thunderstorms (hence his name, Storm) until now, when I come home from long days at work and just want to relax. You may wonder why I got to name my best buddy…it is because he is my cat! No matter what time of night or what disguise I’m wearing when I return home, he always recognizes me and shows me unconditional love! I thoroughly enjoyed making this video, since it allows me to share how special Storm is with the world! Please try not to be alarmed while viewing, as I went through many hair phases back in the day, before deciding on my natural red color. I also added some current photos and videos that are just the cutest things you will ever see. I dare you not to smile! :) I created this video through iMovie by adding photos of Storm and me, as well as, some videos of our playtime. The beginning of the video is played to the background music of “Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson, because Storm is my best friend, of course! The rest of it contains a “playful” tune, because Storm is just the definition of playful. Oh, how I love him!

Jewel out.