Imagination and MaNOIRpulation

This second week of working on our radio show definitely proved challenging and a lot more rigorous than week one. Since our group, consisting of Aubrey Howland, Amanda Layton, Brianne Comden, and myself,  used week one to create the commercials, radio bumpers, and basic idea/storyline for our show, week two consisted of all of the physical work. This included the script writing, line recording, and audio editing. After coming up with a brief storyline, I started a Google Document and shared it with my group members to start writing the dialogue and link to different sound effects that individual persons thought would be crucial to add into the final product. We met this past Wednesday to develop the entire storyline from start to finish. It was great to bounce ideas off of each other. At several points in the meeting, I was pacing around the room with ideas just flowing out of my mouth. :) After writing the storyline in bullet points, we started on the dialogue together. Later that night, I wrote a lot more because ideas just kept flowing. Luckily, all of my group members liked it and added to it. We finished up the final script by Friday afternoon and started recording Friday night. With all of our hectic schedules and the weather, we decided it would be just as easy to record separately, and then everyone sent me their lines to edit and compile into Audacity.

We also met on Sunday morning to finish up the show, as audio editing is very tedious. I downloaded all of the sound effects and placed them in their appropriate spots based on what we wrote in the Google Document. The most difficult part was putting the lines together in a way that they flowed from one to the next. As good as I got with Audacity, audio editing is still no joke. I cannot tell you how many times I had to zoom into certain clips to cut out maybe two-tenths of a sound that did not belong. After several hours of editing and a few additions to spice up the ending, we finished our show at 20 minutes and 2 seconds. Whew! Every second of that show brought blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, maybe no blood. Usually, I am very critical of working in a group, but I truly enjoyed it this time. It was great to share ideas and come together for the final product, one of which I am very proud. I think the term, “maNOIRpulated” will definitely catch on!

Below are the commercial and the radio bumper that I created for the show, as well as the final product! I hope you enjoy!


May I get a drumroll please?….