Pros of Progress

Week one of Radio Days…check! I started this week’s work early, by searching for a group on Monday. Luckily, I have a couple teammates in this class, and we knew that it would be ideal to work together because we have the same schedule. We joined up with another student, as well, and together we are…”the maNOIRpulators”. Our group consists of myself, Aubrey Howland, Brianne Comden, and Amanda Layton. We developed our group name after reading each other’s character dossiers and seeing how our characters could interact. Since all of them are somewhat mysterious women, with a few Femme Fatales thrown into the mix, we knew exactly what we should be called. Upon reading each dossier thoroughly, I came up with a quick synopsis of how our characters could interact in a radio show. I sent it to all of the members in our group text message (our primary form of communication) and we went from there. Our idea is that my character will meet with her friend, Amanda’s character, at her cousin’s (Aubrey’s character) bar. My character will be there to meet with one of her client’s husbands to seduce him and eventually remove him from her client’s life. Unbeknownst to her, Amanda’s character is there to seduce the same wealthy man to ruin his life. While this interaction is going on, there will be flashbacks to the two cousins’ grandmother (Brianne’s character). She will be giving the women advice on how to be independent and not take being degraded by men. With this sketch for a storyline, our next step is writing dialogue and developing our characters, which we will begin soon. This may seem like a daunting task, but I know we are up for it. It will be interesting to write an all-female-led story, because I have yet to view or read one that does not have a male lead in the noir world.

In addition to the individual work that I contributed to the storyline, I have also created one commercial, one radio bumper, and one promotional logo for our show. Check out the logo below:


DS106 Radio Show logo