“The maNOIRpulators”

When deciding on which type of promo to make for our newly developed radio show, I immediately knew that I desired to create a logo that would represent our entire show. Posters and bumper stickers are useful, but the logo is the main visual representation for any medium.  It didn’t hurt that I already had an idea in mind. Upon forming our group, we analyzed our characters and realized that most of them have one thing in common: they are manipulative women. Our radio show will focus on two cousins, who rely on the advice of their late grandmother, as well as, a female friend of one of the cousins. These “maNOIRpulators”, as we cleverly call them, are dark souls who do not shy away from getting some blood on their hands; hence, the color scheme of the logo is white, black, and red.

I utilized Google to look up three images of female silhouettes and opened them up in Photoshop on one canvas. I then added horizontal text to spell out, “the maNOIRpulators”, angling it slightly upward, from left to right, across the three women. I changed the font type of “NOIR” to stress the association with the class’s theme. Then, the cropping tool allowed me to eliminate excess white space and make it in the shape of an approximate square, typical of logos. This image is the epitome of what our show will be about without giving away too much.

DS106 Radio Show logo