You Inspire Me, Kathy!

Kathy Onarheim is an active tweeter, so I frequently view her pieces and get inspired by her detailed posts and creative work. To choose just one of her masterpieces is difficult, but I really enjoyed her “Sketchy Dr. Groom on Assignment” design project. It is definitely worthy of being submitted on the IN[SPIRE] website:

Kathy’s creation inspires me because I have never seen anything like her digitization of a drawing before. She took a normal sketch that visually portrayed Professor Groom’s check-in video, and broke it up into steps, as he talked on a YouTube video. It was truly compelling to watch. The narration of the process for this work really inspired me because she included every detail of her work, step-by-step, to the point where I could follow the steps and recreate a similar project. Kathy put a lot of effort into this assignment, and it definitely shows.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 12.23.20 PM

Kathy, you inspire me to remain DS106 4Life! Keep up the great work!

You Inspire Me, Brian!

I always enjoy when my peers add comedy to their assignments, since the theme of noir can be so dark and serious! While searching for IN[SPIRE] works, I remembered one of Brian Christiansen’s that literally made me laugh out loud. It is the photo with Professor Groom as the Godfather. “THE GROOMFATHER” is definitely well done and deserves a shout-out on the website:

Brian’s Photoshop design inspires me because the insertion of Professor Groom’s face into a picture of “The Godfather” flows perfectly. For someone who has not seen the movie, they could easily believe that Professor Groom did belong in that photo. It is clear that Brian took extra time to perfect his Photoshopped image, and he added a sense of comicality to the assignment by inserting our Professor. He motivates me to do the same!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 1.57.43 PM

Brian, your creation makes me want to experiment with Photoshop, so that I can achieve something as epic as this!

You Inspire Me, July!

I found July’s website using Twitter and began browsing through her work because of her interesting tweets. I felt confident that at least one of the completed assignments would fittingly belong on the IN[SPIRE] website. The catchy jazz track of her Radio Bumper promptly caught my attention. Not only is the music perfect for a noir-themed bumper, the message is conveyed in a unique way that I have never come across before. She inspires me with her “DS106 Radio Bumper”:

July’s bumper inspires me because she went the extra mile by creating the message about “DS106″ through sound bites and not just doing a typical voice over. This has also motivated me to experiment more with Audacity to be able to achieve this effect, and my experiments are coming along nicely. I also like the jazz track that she used, as it creates the image of a classic “noir” jazz club or bar scene.

Great work, July! You inspire me to continue using Audacity to reach my audio editing potential! :)

You Inspire Me, Emily!

When searching for pieces to submit on the IN[SPIRE] website, I utilized Twitter to find people who have shared their work and have utterly amazed me with the quality. This is where I found Emily Bostaph’s “What is black and white and red all over?”. First, I want to start by saying that all of Emily’s pieces capture my attention immediately with their catchy, and sometimes provocative, titles. They are awesome! I chose her newspaper design assignment because, as I said on the the website:

Emily’s newspaper design inspires me because she made the extra effort to choose a design assignment that incorporated a lot of writing, as well. The design is very well put together and looks exactly like a real newspaper. Emily’s writing is compelling and truly conveys a background for her character, Cecilia Alva. This design motivates me to continue to put extra effort into my pieces!

Emily's Newspaper

The details of the story and the spacing of the design are top-notch. Great work, Emily!