And That’s a Wrap, Folks!

Radio is a medium that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I did. Not only did I love listening to our group’s final project on the radio, the process of making it was so satisfying. There is nothing that gives me more pride now, than lining up sound effects in the correct order to make it sound like a real-life scene. (Okay, maybe there are some things that go above that, but it really is fun and rewarding.) As a listener of the show, I was so nervous leading up to its premier, because I just wanted everyone else to love the outcome as much as we do. There was so much work that went into every aspect of the show, as I’m sure  it did with everyone’s, that I honestly think I would have been heart-broken if people hated it! Haha! When the show started playing, there were several technical difficulties, as other parts of the radio were playing over top of it, so of course I was freaking out a little bit. However, they finally got it working right, and it was smooth sailing from there. The viewers that I interact with on Twitter all had positive feedback for the show, which was great to see. The most exciting tweets were the ones from the professors, because they know how to use the technical jargon to make us feel like we really accomplished something great! Although I was nervous, at first, I truly enjoyed listening to the show on DS106 Radio and interacting with other listeners during the show.

If there was one thing that I wish could have been done differently, it would have been to start the audio editing earlier. However, this was not possible because three of the four people in our group, myself included, were all playing in the CAC Women’s Basketball Championship and took an unplanned overnight trip to Salisbury, Maryland, during the weekend the radio show was due. However, we are  big advocates for “no excuses”, so we worked on it as much as we could at the hotel and on the bus and pulled an all day, into the night, work session on Sunday. The intricacies of audio editing are time-consuming but extremely rewarding when everything comes together.  The finished product is something of which we are extremely proud!

As I have stated previously, I received a lot of satisfaction in lining up the sound effects in Audacity to have them flow together like one big, happy radio show. That was absolutely my favorite part. It was my job to put all of the sound clips together after everyone sent me their dialogue parts, so it was just me and my computer against the world! I spent about eight hours straight just putting the show together, and it was worth every second. I also really enjoyed the brainstorming process, as bouncing ideas off of everyone was very beneficial in the storyline development. All of my group members had awesome ideas, and we were unstoppable when we put them all together. Although it was rewarding, audio editing was probably the hardest part of the project, as well. There were many frustrating moments, because of how intricate sounds are and how even the tiniest movement of a clip can make a scene sound completely disconnected. It was also difficult to schedule meeting times with the four of us having different schedules, so we did most of the voice recording separately. However, I think we made it work very well!

For future DS106 students, I suggest an early start, group recording, and having fun with it! Definitely start the brainstorming process earlier on in the week! It takes more time than one would think to consider each character’s back story and fabricate a way for them to interact in a way that maintains consistency. Also, since audio editing is also time-consuming, it won’t seem so bad if it is done a little at a time. Since we did most of our recording separately, we had to edit the clips and and put them together along with the sound effects. This is exactly why I suggest recording as a group on one computer, so that you will not have to add this step to the process. My final tip is to have fun! It is important to be proud of your final product, so put a lot of work into it, and you will get a lot out of it!