Give Me Your Money! Seriously…Here’s an Invoice.

After viewing the video this week, I thought that the “Design an Invoice” assignment would be perfect for the work that Julia James does for women who are verbally abused by their degrading husbands. She has to get paid for her services, so an invoice is crucial. The prompt states:

Create an invoice for a transaction that has happened in a film, TV series, etc. For example, Boba fett’s invoice to Jabba the Hutt for capturing Han Solo.

This assignment is worth 3 points.

To make this assignment a collaborative character one, I had to search for a female character who is single, but has had a husband in the past who died. I asked Twitter because it has been so helpful in the past, but unfortunately, I did not receive any responses.  Upon my search of character dossiers, I found Victoire Absinthe, who was fabricated by one of my creative peers on their website, FATALE. Victoire’s husband died in a “rainstorm of bullets”, and she was supposedly heart-broken. However, I twisted the story by making her heartbreak fake, as she really hired my character to kill her husband, due to his degrading words and because he treated her like property. Julia lives to bring justice to these men, because of the way her father treated her mother. She is more than willing to dispose of them, in order to help poorly treated women.

The items and tasks that Julia must invoice for vary by client, but for the most part they consist of surveillance, a meal of some sort, a disguise, travel, removal of the husband, and burial. Although it was a bit expensive for Julia to complete the job for Victoire, as laid out in the invoice below, she said that Julia is a lifesaver, and that she will be forever in her debt!

I created this particular invoice by using a Microsoft Word template. I changed the theme colors of the template to appear darker and more serious than the original. I also changed a few of the items in the charts because, for example, this kind of business cannot be federally taxed so there would be no Tax I.D. or additional tax payment. Therefore, I added categories such as “Payment Method” and “Deposit”. I also included a name for Julia’s business, which is Woman’s Best Friend. It has a double meaning, as her nickname, “Jewel”, relates to the common phrase, “Diamonds (or jewels) are a girl’s best friend”. Also, the job that she completes for these women really does make her their best friend because she rids them of a horrible man in their lives. My final touch to this invoice was to add a logo for her business. If dogs are considered “man’s best friend”, cats can surely be considered “woman’s best friend”. Plus, the addition of a noir cat is always relevant when it comes to dark and mysterious businesses like this one!

Invoice Photo