Peek-A-Boo DS106… I See You!

I began my search for design assignments by trying to find one worth 4+ stars, as required this week. I sorted the assignments by star value and looked at all of the 4-star assignments first and found the perfect one! The “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!” seemed like an ideal way to relay my understanding of the class, as a whole with the noir theme, and test my newly found Photoshop skills. The prompt states:

It’s time to show your love for DS106!  Create your very own personal DS106 wallpaper using your favorite image editing software.  Try to be creative and inventive with your wallpaper and put your editing skills to this test.  Feel free to borrow pieces of pre-existing wallpapers to build your own, just make sure that your final product is something new and unique.  Using GIMP or Photoshop is recommended, but you’re welcome to use any program of your choosing.  If you get stuck, feel free to check out my tutorial below.

This assignment is worth 4 points.

This particular assignment took the most amount of time and effort. However, it is also the most rewarding assignment I have completed. I honestly have never felt more proud of myself during the creation of a digital assignment. When deciding what to do for a wallpaper, I threw around a bunch of ideas. Two examples included overlaying noir images on a digital booklet to incorporate both aspects of the class and putting the words “DS106″ on a bullet being shot out of a gun. However, when thinking about all of our past assignments, the image of Venetian blinds kept reoccurring in my mind. Whether they were causing shadows or someone was peering through them, blinds are common in almost every noir piece we have viewed this semester. Therefore, I developed the idea of a wallpaper depicting someone peeking through a dark set of blinds into a dark, noir scene. I found a scene on Google Images that represents the classic outside cityscape with slick streets, tall buildings, fog, and street lights.



Over top of this lay, I laid down another picture, from Google Images, showing the hand of someone peeking through blinds. I lined up the two photos, so that when I erased the section of the top photo to reveal the bottom photo, it would show the scene I desired.


Using the polygon lasso tool, I outlined the middle black section and cut it out. By doing this, it revealed the noir cityscape. The next task was to incorporate the phrase, “DS106″, into the photo. I chose a partially transparent look so that the scene could still be shown beneath, but so that the words were the priority. I picked a green color to enhance the eeriness of the wallpaper. Check it out and feel free to make it your background! :)

DS106 Wallpaper copy