Freeze…Let Me See Your Gym Membership Card!

When searching for additional assignments to contribute to the six stars of design assignments devoted to “Jewel”, I seized the opportunity to present a new side of her through the “Let’s See Some ID” prompt. It states:

Create some form of ID for a fictional character that seems believable, knowing your character’s environment or circumstances.

Use an existing template such as a credit card or library card from a found source and modify it as needed in your favorite graphical editor.

This assignment is worth 2 points.

I initially considered making “Jewel” a driver’s license, a library card (since she is in a book club), or even a company ID card for the law firm she works for during the day. However, those sides of “Jewel” have been shown before in various other assignments. So, I decided to touch on an aspect of her life that does not get much recognition in the noir world. As a Femme Fatale, “Jewel’s” appearance is key to her job. She cannot possibly maintain her flawless look without working out. A gym membership card reveals this side of her perfectly.

The process began by heeding the advice of the assignment creator and finding an existing template for a gym membership card. I put the photo into Photoshop and, using the brush tool, covered the template words that I wanted to replace with white coloring.  Then, I used horizontal text boxes to fill in a gym name (“Hard Body Gym”), her name (James, Julia), and a fabricated member ID number. I took to Google again to search for a picture that represents my mental image of the sultry Julia James. In order to achieve her key features, I researched “red- headed woman with blue eyes” and found the perfect woman to be “Jewel”. I opened the photo of her in the program and placed it on top of the template in the rectangle designated for a photo of the gym member. This assignment allows me to share a new side of “Jewel” with readers, away from her dark, noir-style life.

Jewel Gym ID Card