Maggie’s Birthday and a Map of Sounds

The Daily Creates this week were intriguing. We only had to complete two, which was a change of pace, but I made them count. The first one was pretty much a have-to. We were prompted to make Maggie Black a birthday card. And who doesn’t want to wish someone a “happy birthday”?! It is the best way to make friends, and I need as many as possible, especially since so many women find me intimidating. However, I think Maggie and I could be great friends, because us redheads have a lot in common! :)

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

The second Daily Create that I chose required the recording of a hometown sound map. However, I was away on business in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so I captured the sounds of Fred Town! This Daily Create actually allowed me to get to know this quaint little town a bit better! I recorded some birds tweeting (which are actually very active in the Downtown area of Fredericksburg), some construction noises, cars, etc. Please enjoy this audible delight!

Jewel out.

Breakfast, Batman, and Bark

I was searching through the “DS106″ website (still not sure what that means), and I discovered something called Daily Creates. I just knew I had to test my creativity with these. It turns out that these activities were the best part of my very stressful week. When you work as hard as I do, any little fun outlet is worth it. I completed three of those things this week, and I am darn proud of them!

The first Daily Create that I did involves a bagel, grapes, and one winning smile! I could not pass on the prompt to make a “Breakfast Selfie” when I noticed how naturally happy this bagel is. It made me happy, too! It really was a shame to eat it, but a girl needs her morning nourishment!

Look at that smile!

The next Daily Create that I completed took 15 seconds. Easy peasy! Literally, it was a 15-second challenge to draw Batman. And, who doesn’t love a hero? Ask my clients, they will tell you how important it is to have a hero to save the day (or a life). I did this one while at work at the law firm. Shhh! Don’t tell my boss-dad!

Batman, is that you?

To round out the week, I partook in some tree art. Personally, I didn’t even know tree art was a thing, but guess what?! I rocked it! (I think!) The top one is the original photo with the sky as the background, which I took on the car ride home from James and Allman.  I copied and pasted the same photo and turned it to make this cool design. Then, I experimented with different hues to give uniqueness to the copies. They are colors of different blouses that I own! Don’t you just love them?

Gee, I'm a tree!

This creative outlet took away a lot of stress from my week, and I cannot wait to do it again!

Jewel out.

Puz Ling and Blurred Lines (or Plants)

The Daily Creates for this week may be described in one word: awesome! I had the most fun creating my first one, and the next one was super easy. I loved the outcomes! For this week, we only had to complete two assignments.

The first assignment that I chose to complete is a video about a feeling turned into a character. The feeling that I chose is “puzzled”. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my character, Puz Ling.  He is represented by a puzzle piece and goes on a journey, in search of some place where he “fits in”. In this trailer, Puz goes to a zoo, a house, and also tries to ride a train. However, he does not fit in anywhere. Poor Puz! At the end of the trailer, he thinks he finds somewhere that he belongs, but you will just have to wait and see!

For my second Daily Create, I captured artistic blur in a photo. I decided to take a photo of a plant in a vase that is in my home. Since my darn iPhone 6 is just so advanced, it was hard to get a blurry photo. Don’t you just hate technological evolution?! Therefore, I used my friend’s iPhone 5, and luckily, I was able to capture the perfect photo. Check it out!

It's a plant, I swear!

I really enjoyed this week’s Daily Creates! See you on the flip side!