One on One: Julia James

I obliged to a very abnormal request this week. For some reason, still unbeknownst to me, I had to answer seven unusual questions, in a sort of interview setting. The thing was that the interviewers (two men and two women) were asking me the questions through the computer. At first I was honestly worried that someone told them that I did something illegal. And after seeing that they published it on some newscast, I’m even more suspicious. But, I have no choice but to move on, because law enforcement hasn’t approached me yet! I mean, what could I have done? I’m only a legal secretary. That’s like the most boring and justice-filled job in the world! Anyway, I answered all of their questions, even the weird ones, fully and with a small smile on my face. I could not have been more cooperative. Thinking back on it… I don’t even know who these people work for! And I gave them answers to very personal questions! Oh, goodness! I need to stop the madness. I am sure everything will be alright. Let’s look at the positives, ┬áthe light that I was filmed in was very favorable, and I got to wear what I wanted. So, I guess their intentions aren’t too questionable! But, I’m going to let you be the judge. Check out my interview below and be completely honest. I need to know if you think I may be in some sort of trouble! :/

Any thoughts? (They can be on the interviewers, my outfit :) , my hair :) , etc.) I would love to hear what you think!

Jewel out.