Click, Clack, Crash… the Many Sounds of “Jewel”

The one required audio assignment this week was “Sound Effects Story”, and it had to be completed in relation to our characters. The prompt states:

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds hat you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student):

This assignment is worth 3.5 points.

I struggled with beginning the thought-process for this assignment because I wasn’t sure which story about “Jewel” would further her character development and give listeners insight into her persona, without giving too much away, too soon. However, after exploring Free Sound and much deliberation, I picked some sound effects that I could combine to tell the story of “Jewel’s” trip to her first client’s home to talk with the woman about her degrading relationship with her husband. The visit does not go as planned.

“Jewel” enters the unlocked home, per the client’s instructions,  and thinks that Mrs. White may have forgotten the meeting, as she is not there to greet her and the house is silent. Suddenly, there is a crash of glass and the spooked “Jewel” runs in her high heels to hide from the apparent conflict in the other room. She tears out a piece of paper and takes notes on what she hears. Anything to help her client’s case is useful to include. The lights suddenly cut out, so “Jewel” clicks on her flashlight and tries to make her way out of the house. She slowly walks towards the door and, around the corner, she spots the husband with his back turned to her. She gasps! Trying to avoid being seen by the man, she takes off to the door and leaves the house. It is important that her client’s husband does not see her, because she has yet to schedule her separate meeting with him. “Jewel” continues running in the rain to her car and speeds away.

I wanted to tell this story because it conveys the essence of “Jewel’s” job away from her job as a legal secretary. She takes on cases to help women get out of degrading relationships, like the one her mother was in with her father. The husbands of these women have no clue about who “Jewel” truly is because she uses her sexuality to manipulate them. This is typical of a Femme Fatale.

Using Audacity for the first time for this assignment, it proved fairly time-consuming to put the sound effects in the order that I wanted them and to cut out parts that need not be included. I had to use the online Audacity manual to research how to use many of the tools. Overall, I am proud of the final product and really enjoyed using only sound effects to tell a story about “Jewel”. I think it adds a sense of eeriness, which is classic noir.