NO-NV Does the Trick!

As a contribution to my group’s radio show and the five points of character assignments this week, I decided to complete the “DS106 Radio Commercial”. However, instead of inventing a product for a movie or TV show character, I fabricated one for my own character, “Jewel”. The prompt states:

Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.

This assignment is worth 3 points.

With the idea of inventing a perfume that encourages other women to trust the woman wearing it, I went to work developing one. “Jewel’s” good looks, as noted in her character dossier, can be very intimidating to other women. However, she must be able to get these women to trust her, in order to get them out of their damaging relationships. At the same time, she must maintain her irresistibility towards men. My invention, NO-NV (Get it?…No Envy) perfume, does the job!

At first, I had created a type of bronzer that maintains Jewel’s natural look. However, I read the prompt again and focused on the instruction to make the product “as creative and abstract as possible”, so I changed my mind. There is nothing close to my NO-NV on the market today. It revolutionizes the perfume world, as it emits a trusting aroma targeted at women and an attracting aroma targeted at men, concurrently.

I wrote the message for the commercial first. I have listened to many commercials on DS106 Radio and they all start with their target audience, either addressing “Ladies” or “Gentlemen”. By beginning my commercial with the former, I am able to grab the attention of those who will benefit from the product. I also pose two questions, as a way to invite listeners in and get them to answer. After a short description of what the product does for consumers, I offer a free trial if they call the phone number announced or order online. The components of my commercial are typical of any commercial over the radio waves today: an opening, a message, and contact information. Once I constructed the message, I wanted to find background music appropriate for advertising and that would portray a happy vibe. I literally typed “happy instrumental music” into YouTube and after looking through a few videos, I found Jeff Kashiwa’s “Remember When”. It is upbeat, happy, and even has a hint of noir feeling, with the saxophone dominating the jazz track. Then, I imported it into Audacity with my message recording and placed the message about five seconds into the background music. While the message is played, the Amplify effect allowed me to lower the volume of the music, so that my voice can be clearly heard. At the end of the message, I played the music for a few seconds longer and then faded it out. I am very proud of the outcome, as I believe the commercial sounds professional and the product is something that “Jewel” would find extremely useful. Go get your NO-NV perfume today!