The Queen BeyHive Jive

When searching for audio assignments to complete, “So and So’s Greatest Hits” grabbed my attention immediately. I have always wanted to create a mash-up of songs from one artist, because I frequently go on YouTube and listen to them based on which artist I am in the mood for that day. The assignment states:

There are some bands/musicians/artists out there who constantly make solid songs/albums. Using Audacity, pick a band/musician/artists and create a mash-up of what you consider to be some of their greatest hits. It needs to be at least 5 songs (if you can’t find 5, then they might not be as great of a band as your think they are) and at least 5 minutes, but feel free to go over if the music is groovin’. Upload to soundcloud and introduce us to your favorite band and their songs! Have fun!

This assignment is worth 3 points.

I knew exactly which artist to choose when tasked with finding one who “constantly makes solid songs/albums”. Since my early childhood, I have listened to all of Beyoncé’s songs and continue to do so. I finally narrowed down seven songs that represent her artistry throughout my lifetime. The songs, “Crazy in Love”, “Irreplaceable”, “Single Ladies”, “Halo”, “Love on Top”, “Drunk in Love” and “Listen”  do so and are also some of my favorites. It was more difficult than I thought, though, to choose only these seven because I kept finding other ones that I love! However, I did not want to make it a 20-minute video, because I do not think many would take the time to listen to it (despite how great it would be).

I used the program Audacity to create this mash-up, and considering it was only my second time, it took hours to accomplish. I began by uploading one song at a time and cutting the parts that I did not want to include. I tried to choose sections that were the most recognizable to listeners, which just so happen to be my favorite parts of the songs, as well. :) I repeated these actions for each of the seven songs in the order stated above. Utilizing the Time Shift Tool, the songs play one after the other, instead of simultaneously. The most difficult task was creating smooth transitions between the tracks. I took to Google to research methods of transitioning. The strategy that worked the best for me was using the Amplify effect. By using Amplify, I was able to select the portion of the songs, usually the very end, that I wanted to be quieter than the rest, so that the next song could begin to play on top of it. This method proved for almost seamless transitions between the tracks while maintaining the quality of each song. The upload to SoundCloud was unsuccessful, however, because of copyright issues. Therefore, upon instruction by Professor Groom, I uploaded it directly to this post.

I was really excited to complete this assignment because it connects to real life, as I will likely listen to this mash-up for some time to come. I enjoy doing noir-related assignments, but finding those that can relate to my life away from ds106 is refreshing, because it adds a whole new appreciation for the concepts learned in this class.

Check out Queen Bey at her finest throughout the years, and I dare you not to dance or at least bob your head to the beat!