You Inspire Me, July!

I found July’s website using Twitter and began browsing through her work because of her interesting tweets. I felt confident that at least one of the completed assignments would fittingly belong on the IN[SPIRE] website. The catchy jazz track of her Radio Bumper promptly caught my attention. Not only is the music perfect for a noir-themed bumper, the message is conveyed in a unique way that I have never come across before. She inspires me with her “DS106 Radio Bumper”:

July’s bumper inspires me because she went the extra mile by creating the message about “DS106″ through sound bites and not just doing a typical voice over. This has also motivated me to experiment more with Audacity to be able to achieve this effect, and my experiments are coming along nicely. I also like the jazz track that she used, as it creates the image of a classic “noir” jazz club or bar scene.

Great work, July! You inspire me to continue using Audacity to reach my audio editing potential! :)

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