You Inspire Me, Emily!

When searching for pieces to submit on the IN[SPIRE] website, I utilized Twitter to find people who have shared their work and have utterly amazed me with the quality. This is where I found Emily Bostaph’s “What is black and white and red all over?”. First, I want to start by saying that all of Emily’s pieces capture my attention immediately with their catchy, and sometimes provocative, titles. They are awesome! I chose her newspaper design assignment because, as I said on the the website:

Emily’s newspaper design inspires me because she made the extra effort to choose a design assignment that incorporated a lot of writing, as well. The design is very well put together and looks exactly like a real newspaper. Emily’s writing is compelling and truly conveys a background for her character, Cecilia Alva. This design motivates me to continue to put extra effort into my pieces!

Emily's Newspaper

The details of the story and the spacing of the design are top-notch. Great work, Emily!

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