You Inspire Me, Brian!

I always enjoy when my peers add comedy to their assignments, since the theme of noir can be so dark and serious! While searching for IN[SPIRE] works, I remembered one of Brian Christiansen’s that literally made me laugh out loud. It is the photo with Professor Groom as the Godfather. “THE GROOMFATHER” is definitely well done and deserves a shout-out on the website:

Brian’s Photoshop design inspires me because the insertion of Professor Groom’s face into a picture of “The Godfather” flows perfectly. For someone who has not seen the movie, they could easily believe that Professor Groom did belong in that photo. It is clear that Brian took extra time to perfect his Photoshopped image, and he added a sense of comicality to the assignment by inserting our Professor. He motivates me to do the same!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 1.57.43 PM

Brian, your creation makes me want to experiment with Photoshop, so that I can achieve something as epic as this!

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