We Are Off and Running!

At my last check-in, BWA had just begun its case. We had found one piece of evidence (the ransom note) and began a suspect board. Since that time, Wednesday 4-8-15, we have discovered even more evidence in the disappearance of NoirCat. Personally, I took a trip to Groom’s location in order to interview Daphne, his dog. After figuring out that she had devoured a section of the ransom note, I decided that we had to see if she knew any more about the case of NoirCat, in general. Since I don’t speak “dog” on the regular (I know…shocking!), the agency hired a canine translator who fed me Daphne’s answers as I went through the interview. Unfortunately I was unable to get a lot out of her. She was very short with me. Check out the interview here.

While I was conducting this interview, my colleague, Edie, designed a “Lost” poster to try and get any leads from the people walking the streets. We haven’t received any hits yet. Therefore, if you are reading this and have any clues, feel free to contact the agency, or me personally. Upon interviewing Daphne, we searched the premises for more clues. On top of the entertainment center, Edie spotted a cracked box, surrounded by cat fur. Inside of the box, there was a magnetic strip that was used to disable NoirCat’s microchip. It is clear that whoever catnapped her, knew about the chip beforehand. We began looking for clues that could lead us to NoirCat’s location. We headed towards William Street and Sylvia spotted NoirCat’s tag. Considering that there is no tag without a collar, we continued down William Street until Sylvia spotted her matching pink collar. Mysteriously enough, the stitching that read “If lost return to Maggie Black” was partially¬†illegible. The words “Maggie Black” appeared to be scratched out. The collar was found right outside of an abandoned building. It is clear that NoirCat was taken¬†there first, after leaving from Groom’s location. We will check out the premises today and try to find any clues that will lead us to where she was taken next. With all of this new evidence, I was able to update the suspect board since my last check-in. I added the information about the cat tracker and disabler, and tied it back to Joan Crawford (the doctor who input the microchip into NoirCat).¬†Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.27.12 AM

We are hot on the trail of whoever took NoirCat, and we won’t rest until we find her. As the case develops even more, I will make another update. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for NoirCat.

Jewel out.

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  1. I love how you are handling this case, it is very interesting to follow your progress.

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