Urban Apologies

The Daily Create assignments for Monday and Tuesday were too great to pass up, so therefore, I have checked those off of the list this week. As soon as I saw the prompt for “urban decay”, I knew exactly what to capture. On its last limb, I knew of a shed that is one rotten board away from collapsing. For the next assignment, I took to Google to search for shots that represented the ideal, “I’m sorry” moment and came up with the perfect one, if I do say so myself. By adding some context to the picture through the addition of words, it came to life.

If this does not scream “decay”, I am not sure what does! Plus, the darkness and camera angle add a sense of noir to the shot.

Shed-ing Away


I think pushing someone out of a doggy door warrants an apology, but I am not sure this baby means his “I’m sorry”!

Ya gotta go!

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