Update: The Finale

Since Wednesday’s update, I have been painstakingly working to recover the anonymous email that we received at the beginning of the week, which led us to the “Cat’s Closet”. Since it disappeared thirty seconds after we received it, I have been trying to track down the actual email and sender. Unfortunately, the email account no longer exists to help us discover who sent it, but I was able to do a little bit of computer hacking and finally found the email itself. Even though we will not be able to thank the anonymous tipper, we will have all pieces of evidence for the case.

Anonymous Tip

During our visit to the “Cat’s Closet”, we spied a cat leaving through the kitty door and went outside to see if it was NoirCat.  The cat was nowhere to be found, but we followed a trail of soft paws to an empty house in a neighborhood in downtown Fredericksburg. There NoirCat was, at last, looking very distressed and sitting by a window! I approached her calmly, in order to get an interview, while the rest of the agency members left to take a little pressure off of her. My fellow team members linked me up with a feline translator, so that I could understand NoirCat as we conversed. In the video below, which I made for the followers of this case, I added subtitles for translation purposes:

As you can see, NoirCat confessed to staging her own catnapping. This poor female has faced so much objectification, and as a woman who has witnessed many cases like this one, I could not stand the idea of returning her to the DS106 community. She couldn’t either! After conducting this interview, I got together with Edie, Sylvia, and Grandma, and we decided to take NoirCat on as a new client. Unfortunately, we cannot allow conflict of interest, so we had to discontinue our business relationship with Maggie.

As always, you can count on me to keep the suspect board up-to-date, so I finalized it with the last pieces of evidence and culprit: NoirCat, herself! I am very pleased with the way this board organized our case, and am glad I thought of it.  It really helped when we had to look back at what we had found to see where to go next. Keeping our followers abreast of our progress throughout the two weeks of this case has been important as well.  Check out the final board below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.13.40 PM

NoirCat is no longer a part of DS106. She is living a life free of objectification, under her new identity as Ivanna Befree, in Japan. I have a friend who works at the local “PussPort Agency”, who was able to help me make Ivanna’s new “PussPort”. She has been given contact information for each BWA member, so she may get in touch with us if she needs further help. It has been a pleasure to help such a wonderful woman!

PussPort cover Pussport

I also continued my tweeting since Wednesday, as we worked through the end of this case. I decided that I love Twitter, because it allows me to share agency news immediately with those following BWA. Individually, I have been very productive, and feel like I contributed greatly to our agency’s success. On to the next case!

Jewel out.


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  1. Wow! You completed the board! And I love the noircat’s passport! Her picture with flower on her head is so lovely. :D

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