The Evidence Is In…

Check-in #3…check! Ladies and gents, I am proud to say we are right on NoirCat’s tail. Since my last update on Sunday, we have found all the evidence we need to lead us to her location. Since Sunday, the puzzle pieces are really starting to fit together. Upon leaving Groom’s location, we discovered NoirCat’s tag and collar leading to an abandoned building in downtown Fredericksburg. After extensive searching and study of the feline feces, we concluded that NoirCat had been there, but had left just hours before we arrived. Luckily, the agency received an anonymous tip via email that led to a search of the “Cat’s Closet” store on Caroline Street. I was getting ready to tell the ladies to pack it up and come back another day, when we heard a loud noise from the back of the store. Just as we rounded the corner, we saw NoirCat going through the kitty door. There is no evidence of human DNA that coincides with her tracks, but we are still searching. Edie was able to capture a photo of the scene.



We followed NoirCat’s trails as far as we could, and we found a very interesting and quite disturbing piece of evidence. A series of “soft paws” (no, I didn’t know what they were at first, either. But I Googled it, and it turns out that they are essentially cat nail polish covers.) leads to a house in a neighborhood of Fredericksburg. At first, we didn’t think anything of it, but I was examining them for DNA when I found tiny letters etched into each one. Grandma (or Margaret as you all know her) did some descrambling and came up with the phrase “Don’t Find Me” spelled out. This particular piece of evidence raised some very important questions of how much danger she is really in and if someone is trying to threaten us to stop looking. I mean, its like the catnappers are trying to frame her for her own disappearance. That’s not plausible….is it? Oh I tell you, this case has really gotten to me. I’m starting to question some of my own initial theories. Well, as our Twitter account runner, you can count on me for day-to-day updates with what we find. I have also updated the suspect board with all of the new evidence. These connections lead somewhere and I will find out where!

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