“Splash The Color” Tutorial

1.  Install the free “Photo Splash” app onto your iPhone, if you don’t already have  it, and then open it.

IMG_12912. Press “Start”.


3. Press “Start New Project”.


4. Choose the “Photo Albums” option. A message will prompt you to enable access to your photos. IMG_1294


5. Choose the photo you wish to edit from your album. It will then appear automatically in black and (white in the app.

6. Use your finger to “paint” (restore)  the color back to the object you wish to “splash” (Zoom in to sections where you need to define outline edges).


7. Press the top right button when complete (looks like a cloud with an arrow pointing up beneath it), in order to share it.

8. Press “Save to Photo Album” (Pick original resolution when prompted).


You will then be able to upload it to flickr and your blog post, as required. 

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