Several Sides, One Moment, Lots of Laughs

The Daily Create prompts for this week were extremely interesting. I wished for  time to do more, but am very proud of the three assignments I chose. They drew from all categories, including photography, drawing, and videography.

The first photography Daily Create that I chose prompted me to display several different sides of myself. When viewing many of my peers’ responses to the prompt, I noticed that they interpreted it as different facial expressions. However, my first thought was to display different physical sides of myself while smiling, which is what I did. I used my laptop to take four photos of myself from the shoulders up; one facing forward, one from the back (you will have to trust that I am smiling in this one) :), one of my right profile, and one of my left profile.  I then put them into one collage using Photoshop. Check out the final product:

The Many Sides of Kendall!

For the next Daily Create, I delved into a completely different skill set, as I tested my sketching skills to portray my favorite moment from the past week in an abstract drawing. Since last week was spring break, I did just that: I took a break! I was able to relax and enjoy my favorite break activity: binge watching on Netflix. The newest show that I am hooked on is “Blacklist”, which happens to be an ideal neo-noir tv show. It is a win-win! I captured this moment with a picture that displays a laptop loading “Blacklist”, a profile view of myself with wide, bloodshot eyes watching it, and a large clock in the background to convey a sense of time passing.

Binge Watching is an Addiction

My final choice for Daily Creates resulted in a video displaying things that make me laugh out loud. Well that list could go on and on, but I fabricated a compilation of a few videos and Vines that literally make me “LOL”. The clips include a baby laughing, Steve Carell as Michael Scott in “The Office”, a toddler laughing at his father, a girl failing miserably at a dunk attempt, and an exhausted little girl expressing her need for a nap. My challenge to you is not to laugh during this video. As you will hear, I could not meet this challenge, as I am audibly laughing in the background!

Once again, these Daily Creates were a lot of fun and provided an outlet for my creativity!

2 thoughts on “Several Sides, One Moment, Lots of Laughs”

  1. Your video about what makes you laugh was great hahaha I could not stop. I also love your favorite moment of last week; I drew a picture of netflix as well because what else would you do on spring break?

  2. I love that video hahaha! And I loved how you incorporated a clock in your drawing to show passing time by taking a break.

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