Ready to Resign from Design!

The focus on design this week changed my perspective. Even on short car rides, rather than just looking at advertisements and signs, I analyzed their use of color, balance, typography, and proportion, just to name a few. Don’t worry, I focused on my driving, as well!

To start off the week, I introduced myself to basic concepts of design through Massimo Vignelli’s short booklet. In “The Vignelli Canon”, he discusses which graphic design elements he values the most and how they all work together to make design “one”. Reading this booklet allowed me to get a true understanding of what this week entailed, and it helped me to create very design-conscious pieces. My thoughts on Vignelli’s ideas were both in agreement and disagreement with his own thoughts. Another reflection post that helped me gain a greater understanding of design was the one in response to a movie. I chose to watch the Coen Brother’s “The Big Lebowski” and analyze the built environment of Los Angeles in the 1990’s, its use of space, and elements that are included in the movie but also in other noir pieces. Once I got past all of the crude humor and cursing, the movie proved to be pretty good. More importantly, the design elements were easy to spot and created the noir style. Both of these posts introduced me to the concept of graphic design and how it would be used during the week.

The next assignment for the week was similar to the Photo Safari we completed a couple of weeks ago. Rather than searching for photo elements, we were looking for design elements in this week’s DesignBlitz. I made the realization that a lot goes into advertisements, signs, and billboards from the size of the font to the color of each individual piece. The four elements that I found perfect examples of around Fredericksburg are: symbolism, typography, proportion, and balance. Each different concept has its own purpose and creates an interesting effect, depending on the medium.


Blitz Symbol


Blitz Typography


Blitz Proportion


Blitz Balance

The forever-faithful Daily Creates came next! As stated in my post about all three, the choices for assignments this week gave me a challenge. I was unsure which ones to choose, to the point that I had to wait until Sunday. I guess that is the perfectionist in me coming out, because I always want to be able to complete something to the best of my ability, and I did not have a great understanding of some of the prompts, in order to do so. However, the three that I chose to do came out great and allowed me to spread my creative wings. That is what I love about the Daily Creates each week. The first creation is a “Happy Birthday” portrait made for David Kernohan. I’m glad he liked it!

Happy Birthday, David!

The second creative hands prompt that I completed allowed me to combine a former art assignment with some new ideas to display several versions of my hands in ten unique ways.

Can you HANDle this?

The final Daily Create assignment challenged us to create a piece of jewelry out of real food. This was fairly easy to complete while eating my cereal this morning.


Once again this week, the design assignments were the most time-consuming tasks. We were required to complete 12 stars worth, with 6 dedicated to our character, and at least one 4-star assignment. I began the journey with three 2-star assignments devoted to “Jewel”. All three that I chose grabbed my attention immediately, because they each allowed me to present “Jewel” in new light. The first prompt was to create a form of identification for my character. I took the opportunity to present a new side of “Jewel” by fabricating a gym membership card for her. This part of her life had yet to be discussed. The second character assignment that I chose for “Jewel” was making a business card for her day job as a legal secretary. A lot of thought was put into the color scheme to represent her appearance, the additional stars in the background, and the alternative phone number that she includes for her special clients. The final task that I completed, as a part of the 6 stars, was making a card for someone. As soon as I saw this choice, I knew that I would make it a Valentine’s Day card from “Jewel” to one of her client’s husbands, as a part of her manipulative tactics.

Jewel Gym ID CardJewel Business Card


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.13.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.12.11 PM








For the remaining 6 stars, I had to choose at least one 4-star assignment. I completed the DS106 Wallpaper with my own interpretation of this class and the noir style. It incorporates several noir tropes and is my most prideful creation, as I became a Photoshop expert during this assignment (somewhat). The last design assignment that I completed was the famously suggested “One Story/ Four  Icons” for 2 1/2 points. It did not disappoint!

DS106 Wallpaper copy



1 Story 4 Icons


After making so many unique and original creations this week, the final task was to learn about some of the protections for these works, or as some view it, some of the limitations. I read and watched several resources concerning copyright and the Creative Commons initiative. In a blog post, I made my own conclusions and formed my own opinions about the topics. I concluded that copyright is often overprotective and restricts the sharing of intellectual property, which is a shame in a world thriving in online network sharing. Creative Commons provides a great alternative that allows creators to still have protection for their work, while also allowing easy access to it. This week was overall a little challenging, but I came out of it a divine designer, or so I like to think.

In addition, I always like to comment on my peers’ posts throughout the week to keep my participation in this class up and hopefully put a smile on peoples’ faces. I especially liked guessing the movies and shows for the One Story/Four Icons Assignment. I commented on Stephen’s post, Harvey’s post, GP Library’s post, and more.

See you on the flip side ds106…by flip side I mean tomorrow, of course!

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  1. What a week you had! Great outcomes. So glad you had a #ds106 #noir106 hashtag on one tweet that resulted in finding you to see these. You have a great eye for design. Keep Tweeting (and don’t forget the hashtag)

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