Noir YOU Talking to Me?!

Week Seven of ds106 was a doozy! Although the amount of assignments and posts paled in comparison to previous weeks, the amount of work that I put into the radio show was beyond measure. I worked on some aspect of our group’s show every night for the past two weeks. Whether it was a commercial, a radio bumper, dialogue writing, recording, audio editing, or simply putting time into the thought process behind the show, each task was just as crucial as the next. The progress for this week was abundant, leading up to the final product:

The next step for the week was to repeat the commenting assignment from last week by sharing our thoughts on ten of our classmates’ work. I commented on Kelsey’s post, Jack’s post, Brian’s post, Brianna’s post, Kayleigh’s post, Rhiannon’s post, Abigail’s post, Stephanie’s post, Kassia’s post, and Brenda’s post. By completing this assignment, the same conclusion that I keep making is that my peers are extremely talented and creative.

The final task for this week reunited me with my good old friends, the Daily Creates. I really enjoyed all of the prompts this week, to the point that it was difficult to choose. However, I am very happy with my decisions.

My first assignment was to create a video of five things that bring me joy, so I included, a movie theater, Chipotle, Planet Fitness, the Lakers, and basketball.

The next task that I took on was writing a short story based on five random emojis that I was given on the Emojinate website. With the images of an angry face, a punching fist, an apple, a french horn, and a cat, the following story came to mind.


The final Daily Create I completed was a modified image with teal and orange hues to create a sense of action.


On that note, I am ready to take a break from all that is noir and ds106 for a week. Enjoy spring break, ds106’ers!

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