Maggie’s Birthday and a Map of Sounds

The Daily Creates this week were intriguing. We only had to complete two, which was a change of pace, but I made them count. The first one was pretty much a have-to. We were prompted to make Maggie Black a birthday card. And who doesn’t want to wish someone a “happy birthday”?! It is the best way to make friends, and I need as many as possible, especially since so many women find me intimidating. However, I think Maggie and I could be great friends, because us redheads have a lot in common! :)

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

The second Daily Create that I chose required the recording of a hometown sound map. However, I was away on business in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so I captured the sounds of Fred Town! This Daily Create actually allowed me to get to know this quaint little town a bit better! I recorded some birds tweeting (which are actually very active in the Downtown area of Fredericksburg), some construction noises, cars, etc. Please enjoy this audible delight!

Jewel out.

2 thoughts on “Maggie’s Birthday and a Map of Sounds”

  1. I really liked the sounds daily create you did. It’s very unique and you did a great job of capturing a lot of different sounds while ensuring they all flowed together well.

  2. These are great, I really like how you did your birthday card and your soundmap makes me feel at home ;)

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