Eight is Great, Let’s Create!

We went back to the basics this week with the typical assignment bank prompts, daily creates, and a few other posts. It was a nice return after the two weeks of radio show work, although I enjoyed doing that tremendously. Speaking of radio shows, our first task for this week was to listen in to a radio show other than our own, tweet along with it, and then write a review. Since my group’s show, “MaNOIRpulators”, aired on Wednesday, that is when I chose to tune in. After listening to our show, “Dead Silence” was aired, and it was so refreshing to listen to another group’s take on noir radio shows. The group did a great job with its suspenseful and twisted plot, and I really enjoyed the experience of listening to it as a whole. In addition to the written review, part of this experience was tweeting along with my peers, so check out a few of my tweets:

Our next task was to get IN[SPIRE]ed!  All of my fellow DS106’ers do great work, and I found four great examples to add to the website submissions. Emily, July, Kathy, and Brian all inspired me this week with their newspaper design, radio bumper, photo digitization, and photoshopped image, respectively. Not only do they motivate me to keep putting the maximum effort into the work that I am doing, they motivate me to think outside the box when doing so!

The Assignment Bank was back this week, and I was able to explore the category Web for the first time. Two out of the three of my assignments this week were from that category. The first prompt that I chose was the “Design an Invoice”, and I created a fictitious invoice for one of my peer’s characters, Victoire Absinthe, as she hired Julia James to get rid of her husband. Julia charges her for a number of items and tasks, including surveillance and travel expenses.

Invoice Photo

The second assignment that I chose to complete is the “You’re A Pinteresting Character” prompt. Since my radio show group established my character, Julia, as Aubrey Howland’s character, Edie Waz’s, cousin, I thought it would be great if they created a joint Pinterest board to display their favorite things. 10 pins relate to Julia, while 10 relate to Edie. They touch on all aspects of their lives, including beauty, fashion, and drinking. Below is a snapshot of the top of the board:

Pinterest board


I collaborated with my great friend, Brianne Comden, for my final Assignment Bank prompt, “Google History Maps Story”. Since Julia is Margaret Pinault’s (Brianne’s character) granddaughter, we decided to base the story off of a visit to Julia’s grandmother’s grave, which is really a cover for a “business” trip to France. It is quite a sketchy and interesting story, so check it out!

Our next task was the one that took the least amount of time, but I  think it will be very useful in the future of this class. We were required to create Gmail and Twitter accounts for our characters! I found this assignment to be fun, because I was able to expand Julia James’ social media world and really allow her to interact with other characters in DS106. Her Gmail is OneBrightJewel@gmail.com and her Twitter handle is @OneBrightJewel.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.28.17 PM


Our commenting assignment from the past two weeks was repeated again this week, as we were required to comment on ten of our peers’ pieces. I am glad it was, because I love going back and viewing so many great works of art that amaze me each week. I commented on Tyler’s post, Barbara’s post, AdventuresOfM’s post, Lauren’s post, Spencer’s post, Brianne’s post, WildWoodBlog’s post, Landon’s post, Kayleigh’s post, and hungryMax’s post. I really enjoyed all of these assignments, and hope I was able to brighten their days with my comments!

The options for daily creativity were abundant this week. There were so many great prompts that I wish I had time to do more! However, the three that I chose are three that I am very proud of. My Daily Creates include the display of many sides of myself in photography, an abstract drawing of my favorite moment from the past week (Watching Netflix, of course!), and a video of things that make me laugh out loud.

The Many Sides of Kendall!

Binge Watching is an Addiction

Well, that’s all folks! Week 8 was great, and I’m sure week 9 will be divine!

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