Dead Silence: A Twisted Plot with Twisted Characters

At first listen, the radio show, “Dead Silence”, captured my attention immediately with the prominence of the sound effects. They are clean and crisp, and the combination of the voice-overs flows nicely. As for my experience as a listener, I enjoyed the show mostly for the intricacies of the plot, as it evolves from a typical heist, to a love triangle, to murder, of course! As a fellow DS106’er, I have immense appreciation for the effort that was put into the script writing. It takes a long time to work out all of the details of a plot, especially if it includes twists, such as a double-cross and murder for revenge. I can relate so well because our script took just as many turns, and we had to double and triple check for inconsistencies and mistakes. These plot twists relate directly to noir-styled composition, as noir is never just black and white (at least not in script writing). The show includes a lot of other classic noir tropes like whiskey, gun shots, a small-town Sheriff character, and darkness.

The voice acting in this show is expressive when it comes to the intense scenes The infliction of the voices maintains your attention. I wish that this expressiveness continued through the normal conversations, as there are times when the voices have a monotone sound. However, it is completely understandable, as none of us are professional radio personalities! On the other hand, the acting during the times of intensity really creates the sense of urgency, lust, and panic resonating with the characters. In addition, the use of small response phrases, such as “be there in five” and “fine, I’ll see you there”, absolutely scream noir with their brevity and sense of coldness.

My favorite part of the show is the use of the existing noir character, Shadow. It really works to convey the darkness of the show because Shadow’s voice literally sends chills down my spine, in the best way possible. Overall, I believe that the creators of “Dead Silence” did a great job in the thorough writing of their script and compilation of sound effects.

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