David, Hands, and AppleJacks

This week’s Daily Creates encompassed a number of different methods to test my creative abilities. I was very picky with which ones to choose. So picky, in fact, that I waited to complete Sunday’s. You can call me a rebel if you like, but I think it was more because I was unsure of how to complete a lot of the prompts this week. However, the three that I chose to do came out very well, if I do say so myself.

The first assignment was wishing David Kernohan a “Happy Birthday” by making him a portrait. Although many used existing pictures to complete this assignment, I decided to create one of my own by drawing him. I think this was a more heart-felt way to share birthday wishes with such an important person in the DS106 world. He even commented on my photo to thank me and said he was impressed. See what you think!

Happy Birthday, David!

The second assignment involved creative hands. I began the process with a project that I completed in a previous art class. We were required to draw our hands in a number of ways. Who knew that I would have another use for them in the future?! I put all of the drawings into a collage for this Daily Create and added different shapes over top of them to add something extra to my design.

Can you HANDle this?

As I stated previously, I chose to complete Sunday’s assignment, and I am glad I waited for it, because it was fun! I was eating cereal when I got online to look at the Daily Create. It was like fate! I took some more AppleJacks out of the box and went to work on a piece of jewelry. I noticed that there were far more orange than green AppleJacks in the box, so I gave the green ones an opportunity to shine on the bracelet that I model below:


Although I struggled with my choices for Daily Creates this week, the ones that I did choose to complete were fun!:)

2 thoughts on “David, Hands, and AppleJacks”

  1. I love your bracelet made out of cereal! It’s fashionable and eatable so you can eat whenever your hungry! :)

  2. I also remember having to draw my hands in art class back in high school! Your hand drawings look great and the shapes over top of the hands add a layer of depth to the design.

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