Check…1…2…Check…Radio Show Week 1

This DS106 week, being the first of our radio show weeks, was different from all others in the past. Although it may seem like fewer blog posts and written work, it was approximately the same amount, if not more, with all of the group project work that we started. After forming a group with Aubrey Howland, Brianne Comden, and Amanda Layton, we developed a storyline for a radio show over group text. Our name, “the maNOIRpulators”, is based on our characters, as they are mostly mysterious women who manipulate men for different reasons. Our progress for this week was remarkable, as we developed our character interaction, made some promos for the show, and planned out the workload. Our next step is the script, and then we have to record and edit.

As stated above, our group made promos for our radio show. Personally, I decided to design a logo because it is a main visual representation of our show. It portrays the premise of the storyline without giving away too much. The name alone hints at the plot, and the three female silhouettes and color scheme convey a sense of noir.

DS106 Radio Show logo

On Thursday, I partook in the radio listen-along through Twitter. That night, “Red Wine” and “Jack the Ripper” played. Both were great selections, but I have to say that I enjoyed “Jack the Ripper” more, simply because of the creepy narrating voice and the fact that I had heard about Jack the Ripper in the past. Once again, the tweet-along allowed me to connect with a lot more students in ds106. I really enjoyed this process because I ended up following several peers and found that many students share my views on the shows. Check out a few of my thoughtful tweets on Thursday night:

Our next task was to do a better job commenting this week. Over the past weeks, I have linked to the comments that I have made, but there have only been a few per week. This week I fulfilled the requirement of ten comments, commenting on Cheyenne’s post, Edith’s post, a “journey into noir” post, Megan’s post, Lauren’s post, Sahar’s post, Gyeore Lee’s post, Lesya’s post, another one of Lesya’s posts, Janaye’s post, and Tiffany’s post. I actually really enjoyed this assignment, as well, because I was able to explore my peers’ work and hopefully make them smile. It was interesting to see how some people interpreted the same assignments that I completed.

The final task took us back to the famous assignment bank. We were required to complete ten stars of assignments, with five of them dedicated to our character. I took advantage of these assignments by completing some of the requirements for the radio show, one bumper and one commercial. For the DS106 Radio Commercial, I decided to devote it to “Jewel” and I fabricated the product, NO-NV perfume. Its scent is dual in purpose, to make any woman be trusted by the women she encounters and attract the men she desires. Although this product seems a bit far-fetched, it definitely follows the guidelines of being as creative and abstract as possible.

In order to complete the rest of the five points required for my character, I did the Character Bird Calls assignment. With “Jewel’s” interests, it was fairly easy to find sounds that would grab her attention and attract her to them. She loves working out, longs to be a lawyer, and enjoys a nice martini at the end of a long day.

One of the first assignments that I decided on was to make another DS106 Radio Bumper. Although I loved the first one that I completed, I took advantage of this second chance to make one that applied more to the radio show that “the maNOIRpulators” are taking part in. It has a sultry side, typical of Femme Fatales.

The final audio assignment that I chose this week was the Emotions Through Sound prompt. After much deliberation, I decided to convey “sadness”. I achieved this through playing slow violin music in the background of a woman, a dog, and a baby crying. If it does not make you the least bit sad, then I do not know what will.

Now that this week is complete, it is time to move on to the second part of radio days and complete our radio shows. I am excited for what the next week has in store, as we write and recite our script together. Our characters are sure to come alive in “the maNOIRpulators”!

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