Black Widow, Baby!

Since we are forming and expanding our Black Widow Agency this week, I feel that we definitely need a theme song to represent what we do. That is why I chose the  “Your Theme Song” assignment, which states:

If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any other source that represents you well. If you are going the youtube route, remember to use VidtoMp3. Once you have selected your background music, find some sounds/effects to incorporate into it using Audacity or other editing software. You can find free sounds at SoundBible. Once completed, upload to Soundcloud and share it with us.

This assignment is worth 4 points.

Given the name of our agency, what song could represent us better than Iggy Azalea’s and Rita Ora’s “Black Widow”?!  The answer is…NONE! The chorus and second verse fit ideally with the seduction and danger that is BWA. In order to create our theme music,  I edited the song to include only these sections and added some of my own effects. For example, at the beginning, I added ambulance siren sounds and a quick voice-over intro, because we honestly do rescue women. In addition, I added a gun shot and more sirens at the end to contribute a sense of intensity, because if we are nothing else, we are definitely four intense women! All of the audio editing was completed in the program Audacity.

This theme song stands for what we believe in as a whole. It captures the mindset of BWA, as this agency will do whatever it takes to untangle the webs that certain men weave, just like a black widow, baby!

Jewel out.

5 thoughts on “Black Widow, Baby!”

    1. Thanks! I put different sections of the song together and then added sound effects and voice-overs! :)

  1. Nice theme song! It seems a little long for a theme song, but I really like how you incorporated a song that spoke about your agency perfectly. I also really liked the sirens. Great job.

  2. This is great Granddaughter, I like how you are adding to our business! Good job!

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