Be Mine…All Four of You, Please?!

When I saw this assignment, a belated Valentine’s Day card that was mysteriously left at Black Widow Agency came to mind. I mean, the wording is just beautiful, so it is worth sharing! The assignment “Noir Valentines” states:

In honor of the convergence of Friday the 13th, St. Valentine’s Day and Noir106, and inspired by The Nitrate Diva, here’s a new assignment to try: Design a Noir Valentine card. Incorporate images and quotes from film noir, the noir-er the better.

This assignment is worth 2 points.

This card is crafted with so much care that Edie, Sylvia, Margaret, and I have just been dying to figure out who it is from! The noir qualities are quite impressive! All that we have come up with, however,  is that it was made on a computer, with the text overlaying a giant ace card that was most likely copied from Google Images. I will even suggest that it was made in Microsoft Word, because I recognize the font and the way it was created. We even went as far as to research the saying that our Secret Admirer put in quotations: “better than a deck with six aces”. However, all that we can surmise from this saying is that the sender is a fan of the movie “Brute Force”, which proves nothing because none of us recognize a connection. For now, I will take it as a nice gesture… at least I hope it is! When you work in the business that my associates and I do, you don’t get too many nice gestures, so you have to be skeptical of everything. The woman’s features on the card keep drawing my attention, though,  because they kind of resemble someone I know, but I can’t quite place the face. For some reason, this really worries me. Something just doesn’t seem right, and BWA will get to the bottom of it eventually. But for the meantime, I will just enjoy the only Valentine’s Day card that I received this year.

Noir Valentine

Jewel out.

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