And That’s a Wrap!

Week two of our case, The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce, is complete and resolved!  After finding a lot of the evidence last week but not too many answers, we were bound and determined to finish up the case this week and find NoirCat! This determination led us to success. I tracked a lot of this success in my personal updates this week on Wednesday and earlier today, Sunday. I was also a very busy tweeter this week, as I had to make sure that the followers of our case were kept abreast with daily updates. Check out some of my tweets from this week below:

The anonymous email that you can see above was sent to us early on in the week (Monday, April 13), but we were unable to recover it, after it disappeared thirty seconds post receiving it. I did some makeshift computer hacking and have been working recovering the email since Monday. I was finally able to find the email, but was unable to track the email account. It has essentially gone into nonexistence. I desperately wanted to find the sender, because BWA would really like to give thanks for the helpful and very accurate tip! If the sender is reading this now, THANKS!

Anonymous Tip

As you can see from one of our tweets, we got the team together on Thursday, so we could assess the case and finalize our plan of attack, if you will. As of that point, we had not approached NoirCat, so we had no clue that she faked her own disappearance. We had planned for the worst case scenario: that we would come across a disgruntled and angry catnapper. However, it ended up that all we faced was a melancholy and dejected cat. I interviewed NoirCat, thinking that she was going to open up about her catnapper. As a surprise to me and my team, she confessed to faking it, in order to escape the degradation that she faced from the DS106 community. I relayed the information that I received from NoirCat to the agency and made a video with captions of her responses, which a feline translator fed me during the interview.

With this last detail, I was able to finalize the suspect board, which I have been working on throughout this entire case. Before viewing the finalized board, however, please check out the first update of this week. It includes Daphne’s interview claims, NoirCat’s tag and collar and the abandoned building that they led to, and the anonymous tip that led to the “Cat’s Closet” with a photo of NoirCat leaving out of the kitty door. Enjoy:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.36.02 PM

The next and final update includes all of the evidence that leads directly back to NoirCat as the victim and catnapper in this case! It includes the series of soft paws leading to the house that NoirCat was found in, her interview that I conducted, and the confessions that she made in that interview. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.13.40 PM

As stated previously, NoirCat has been devastated by her treatment from the DS106 community and does not desire to return. After closing the case of “The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce”, we moved onto Case #002, “The Transfer of NoirCat”. We could not let her face such objectification again! Therefore, we came up with a plan to send her to Japan with a new identity. In order for this to happen, however, we first had to obtain a “PussPort” for her travel. I assumed this responsibility and designed the perfect “PussPort”. I  changed NoirCat’s appearance by dying her hair partially white and giving her a Japanese disguise. NoirCat will now forever be known as Ivanna Befree. Check it out below:

PussPort cover Pussport


I perused through some work completed by my fellow ds106’ers and was very impressed with their progress on each of their cases. I found some really tell-all evidence. I commented on Dalina’s post,  Sebastian’s post, Brenda’s post, Lawrence’s post, Edie’s post, John’s post, Jota’s post, Jeffrey’s post, Victoire’s post, and Brian’s post.

I am so satisfied with the results of this case, as we could not have helped a smarter or more beautiful woman than Ivanna Befree. She is so happy now and that makes me happy. Although it is not my usual type of case, it is definitely one that will leave a lasting impression on me. :)

Jewel out.

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