And So It Begins…

Well…my agency’s case has been delivered, and we are are beyond excited to take on a case that doesn’t involve a woman being degraded by a man. Or at least we don’t think it does, yet. Maggie Black has filed a Missing Cat Report with Black Widow Agency (BWA) for NoirCat, a.k.a. Meowdred Pierce. NoirCat has disappeared with only trace evidence left behind. She has not only disappeared from Maggie’s life, she has even disappeared from everything online, most prominently are the birthday cards that Maggie received and the Week 3 video that she first appeared in. We have also been given the clue that Maggie’s Cat Tracker app does not work and neither does the microchip that she had installed in NoirCat. In addition, Groom is awfully suspicious of his dog, Daphne. My colleagues and I think this may be too good to be true. Come on, I mean cat versus dog? That is a bit clich√© if I do say so myself. However, it is certainly worth looking into and that is exactly why Daphne is one of our suspects. Speaking of suspects, I have been proactive in the solving of this case, as I am bound and determined to figure out what happened to NoirCat. While some of my fellow Black Widows are making “Lost” posters, I have started a suspect board on a cork board that is in our agency headquarters. Throughout the case, I shall be building the web of suspects and evidence more and more until I find one connection that sticks. This early on in the case, I have included the most logical suspects, as we have yet to find much evidence that would incriminate anyone else. These suspects include Daphne, Maggie (Sorry, Maggie, you just have a certain connection to NoirCat that we couldn’t overlook), Joan Crawford (the doctor that installed NoirCat’s microchip– it is a bit suspicious that it suddenly stopped working), and Groom. One might question our decision about including Groom, but he seemed a bit too anxious to blame Daphne. Plus, he interacted with one of our BWA tweets, begging for discretion in aspects of the case that may relate to him. This is very suspicious if you ask me. And since I run our Twitter account and witnessed his jumpiness firsthand, I was able to convince the rest of the women to include him on the board. Although we have not found evidence that points in any other person’s direction, we have found most of the scraps of the ransom note that Daphne was allegedly eating. This one piece of evidence is also included on the suspect board because it has to lead somewhere! ¬†Check out the note:

"We have your cat. If you every want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the Pie..."
“We have your cat. If you every want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie…”

Unfortunately, the rest of the note is missing (or currently being pooped out by Daphne), so we are unable to make out where the catnappers want to meet. Hopefully there will be more on this in the future.

Below is what we have on our suspect board so far. This is a medium through which we shall organize the case, and we will keep adding to it with every piece of evidence found and every person uncovered.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 11.46.16 PM

I have my personal suspicions about what happened to NoirCat, but a hunch is not enough to go on, yet. You better believe that I will follow it, though, until I can rule out any probable situations. With as many cases as I have seen over the years, I can easily say that anything is possible! Just remember, things are not always what they seem. I will gather as much evidence as possible and update you all soon with my findings. BWA will get to the bottom of this!

Jewel out.


4 thoughts on “And So It Begins…”

  1. The cork board is totally brilliant, right out of The Wire. That said, you are totally on the wrong path with Groom, trust me!

    1. Well, Groom, that sounds exactly like something a suspect would say. Hopefully we find evidence that leads away from your place, but nothing yet.

      Jewel out.

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