5 Joys, 5 Emoijs, and 1 Teal/Orange Photo

The Daily Creates for this week were a lot of fun. Once again, they drew from several categories of creativity: videography, writing, and photography. They were all fairly easy to complete, as these are areas in which I have interest and experience. It is rewarding to work on assignments that develop creativity and technological prowess.

The first assignment that I chose to complete was creating a video of five things that bring me joy. As I was out and about when viewing the prompt, I added a few pit stops to my  journey, in order to shoot short videos of a movie theater (since going to the movies is one of my favorite experiences), Chipotle (because who doesn’t love Chipotle?), and Planet Fitness (as working out there releases my endorphins and makes me extremely happy). I finished shooting the video at home to include two more things I find joyous, which are the Lakers, my favorite basketball team (especially when they win, but that is not often these days), and the sport of basketball, in general. The latter brings me the most joy out of everything in the world, besides my family and friends, but they are people, not things. :) In the background, I added an instrumental version of Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things”, which I thought to be fitting, given the nature of the video.


The second Daily Create for the week tested my short story writing skills. I linked my twitter account to the Emojinate website, and it provided me with five random emojis, an angry face, a punching fist, an apple, a french horn, and a cat. The following is obviously the logical choice for a story about these five emojis, at least in my opinion! I felt truly inspired on this one! :)



The final task that I chose to complete is the one that truly tested my technological skills with Photoshop. When assigned to create or modify an image with teal and orange hues, in order to convey action, I was not sure how to do it. However, I did know which image I wanted to modify. I chose a basketball action shot from one of our games this season. Once I uploaded it into Photoshop, I decided to use the airbrush tool to cover the background image with a layer of teal and orange. Since I am not very precise with that tool yet, I had to use the pencil eraser tool to clear the edges around my body of the airbrush colors. I added horizontal text with the word, “SWISH!”, put an arc on it, and placed it above the basketball at the top of the photo. With the addition of teal and orange, it is definitely suitable for an action film poster!


Until the next time I test my daily creativity! :)


3 thoughts on “5 Joys, 5 Emoijs, and 1 Teal/Orange Photo”

  1. I really enjoyed all 3 of your daily creates! They are all very creative :)

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