Maggie’s Birthday and a Map of Sounds

The Daily Creates this week were intriguing. We only had to complete two, which was a change of pace, but I made them count. The first one was pretty much a have-to. We were prompted to make Maggie Black a birthday card. And who doesn’t want to wish someone a “happy birthday”?! It is the best way to make friends, and I need as many as possible, especially since so many women find me intimidating. However, I think Maggie and I could be great friends, because us redheads have a lot in common! :)

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

The second Daily Create that I chose required the recording of a hometown sound map. However, I was away on business in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so I captured the sounds of Fred Town! This Daily Create actually allowed me to get to know this quaint little town a bit better! I recorded some birds tweeting (which are actually very active in the Downtown area of Fredericksburg), some construction noises, cars, etc. Please enjoy this audible delight!

Jewel out.

Breakfast, Batman, and Bark

I was searching through the “DS106″ website (still not sure what that means), and I discovered something called Daily Creates. I just knew I had to test my creativity with these. It turns out that these activities were the best part of my very stressful week. When you work as hard as I do, any little fun outlet is worth it. I completed three of those things this week, and I am darn proud of them!

The first Daily Create that I did involves a bagel, grapes, and one winning smile! I could not pass on the prompt to make a “Breakfast Selfie” when I noticed how naturally happy this bagel is. It made me happy, too! It really was a shame to eat it, but a girl needs her morning nourishment!

Look at that smile!

The next Daily Create that I completed took 15 seconds. Easy peasy! Literally, it was a 15-second challenge to draw Batman. And, who doesn’t love a hero? Ask my clients, they will tell you how important it is to have a hero to save the day (or a life). I did this one while at work at the law firm. Shhh! Don’t tell my boss-dad!

Batman, is that you?

To round out the week, I partook in some tree art. Personally, I didn’t even know tree art was a thing, but guess what?! I rocked it! (I think!) The top one is the original photo with the sky as the background, which I took on the car ride home from James and Allman.  I copied and pasted the same photo and turned it to make this cool design. Then, I experimented with different hues to give uniqueness to the copies. They are colors of different blouses that I own! Don’t you just love them?

Gee, I'm a tree!

This creative outlet took away a lot of stress from my week, and I cannot wait to do it again!

Jewel out.

Puz Ling and Blurred Lines (or Plants)

The Daily Creates for this week may be described in one word: awesome! I had the most fun creating my first one, and the next one was super easy. I loved the outcomes! For this week, we only had to complete two assignments.

The first assignment that I chose to complete is a video about a feeling turned into a character. The feeling that I chose is “puzzled”. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my character, Puz Ling.  He is represented by a puzzle piece and goes on a journey, in search of some place where he “fits in”. In this trailer, Puz goes to a zoo, a house, and also tries to ride a train. However, he does not fit in anywhere. Poor Puz! At the end of the trailer, he thinks he finds somewhere that he belongs, but you will just have to wait and see!

For my second Daily Create, I captured artistic blur in a photo. I decided to take a photo of a plant in a vase that is in my home. Since my darn iPhone 6 is just so advanced, it was hard to get a blurry photo. Don’t you just hate technological evolution?! Therefore, I used my friend’s iPhone 5, and luckily, I was able to capture the perfect photo. Check it out!

It's a plant, I swear!

I really enjoyed this week’s Daily Creates! See you on the flip side!

Several Sides, One Moment, Lots of Laughs

The Daily Create prompts for this week were extremely interesting. I wished for  time to do more, but am very proud of the three assignments I chose. They drew from all categories, including photography, drawing, and videography.

The first photography Daily Create that I chose prompted me to display several different sides of myself. When viewing many of my peers’ responses to the prompt, I noticed that they interpreted it as different facial expressions. However, my first thought was to display different physical sides of myself while smiling, which is what I did. I used my laptop to take four photos of myself from the shoulders up; one facing forward, one from the back (you will have to trust that I am smiling in this one) :), one of my right profile, and one of my left profile.  I then put them into one collage using Photoshop. Check out the final product:

The Many Sides of Kendall!

For the next Daily Create, I delved into a completely different skill set, as I tested my sketching skills to portray my favorite moment from the past week in an abstract drawing. Since last week was spring break, I did just that: I took a break! I was able to relax and enjoy my favorite break activity: binge watching on Netflix. The newest show that I am hooked on is “Blacklist”, which happens to be an ideal neo-noir tv show. It is a win-win! I captured this moment with a picture that displays a laptop loading “Blacklist”, a profile view of myself with wide, bloodshot eyes watching it, and a large clock in the background to convey a sense of time passing.

Binge Watching is an Addiction

My final choice for Daily Creates resulted in a video displaying things that make me laugh out loud. Well that list could go on and on, but I fabricated a compilation of a few videos and Vines that literally make me “LOL”. The clips include a baby laughing, Steve Carell as Michael Scott in “The Office”, a toddler laughing at his father, a girl failing miserably at a dunk attempt, and an exhausted little girl expressing her need for a nap. My challenge to you is not to laugh during this video. As you will hear, I could not meet this challenge, as I am audibly laughing in the background!

Once again, these Daily Creates were a lot of fun and provided an outlet for my creativity!

5 Joys, 5 Emoijs, and 1 Teal/Orange Photo

The Daily Creates for this week were a lot of fun. Once again, they drew from several categories of creativity: videography, writing, and photography. They were all fairly easy to complete, as these are areas in which I have interest and experience. It is rewarding to work on assignments that develop creativity and technological prowess.

The first assignment that I chose to complete was creating a video of five things that bring me joy. As I was out and about when viewing the prompt, I added a few pit stops to my  journey, in order to shoot short videos of a movie theater (since going to the movies is one of my favorite experiences), Chipotle (because who doesn’t love Chipotle?), and Planet Fitness (as working out there releases my endorphins and makes me extremely happy). I finished shooting the video at home to include two more things I find joyous, which are the Lakers, my favorite basketball team (especially when they win, but that is not often these days), and the sport of basketball, in general. The latter brings me the most joy out of everything in the world, besides my family and friends, but they are people, not things. :) In the background, I added an instrumental version of Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things”, which I thought to be fitting, given the nature of the video.


The second Daily Create for the week tested my short story writing skills. I linked my twitter account to the Emojinate website, and it provided me with five random emojis, an angry face, a punching fist, an apple, a french horn, and a cat. The following is obviously the logical choice for a story about these five emojis, at least in my opinion! I felt truly inspired on this one! :)



The final task that I chose to complete is the one that truly tested my technological skills with Photoshop. When assigned to create or modify an image with teal and orange hues, in order to convey action, I was not sure how to do it. However, I did know which image I wanted to modify. I chose a basketball action shot from one of our games this season. Once I uploaded it into Photoshop, I decided to use the airbrush tool to cover the background image with a layer of teal and orange. Since I am not very precise with that tool yet, I had to use the pencil eraser tool to clear the edges around my body of the airbrush colors. I added horizontal text with the word, “SWISH!”, put an arc on it, and placed it above the basketball at the top of the photo. With the addition of teal and orange, it is definitely suitable for an action film poster!


Until the next time I test my daily creativity! :)


David, Hands, and AppleJacks

This week’s Daily Creates encompassed a number of different methods to test my creative abilities. I was very picky with which ones to choose. So picky, in fact, that I waited to complete Sunday’s. You can call me a rebel if you like, but I think it was more because I was unsure of how to complete a lot of the prompts this week. However, the three that I chose to do came out very well, if I do say so myself.

The first assignment was wishing David Kernohan a “Happy Birthday” by making him a portrait. Although many used existing pictures to complete this assignment, I decided to create one of my own by drawing him. I think this was a more heart-felt way to share birthday wishes with such an important person in the DS106 world. He even commented on my photo to thank me and said he was impressed. See what you think!

Happy Birthday, David!

The second assignment involved creative hands. I began the process with a project that I completed in a previous art class. We were required to draw our hands in a number of ways. Who knew that I would have another use for them in the future?! I put all of the drawings into a collage for this Daily Create and added different shapes over top of them to add something extra to my design.

Can you HANDle this?

As I stated previously, I chose to complete Sunday’s assignment, and I am glad I waited for it, because it was fun! I was eating cereal when I got online to look at the Daily Create. It was like fate! I took some more AppleJacks out of the box and went to work on a piece of jewelry. I noticed that there were far more orange than green AppleJacks in the box, so I gave the green ones an opportunity to shine on the bracelet that I model below:


Although I struggled with my choices for Daily Creates this week, the ones that I did choose to complete were fun!:)

Urban Apologies

The Daily Create assignments for Monday and Tuesday were too great to pass up, so therefore, I have checked those off of the list this week. As soon as I saw the prompt for “urban decay”, I knew exactly what to capture. On its last limb, I knew of a shed that is one rotten board away from collapsing. For the next assignment, I took to Google to search for shots that represented the ideal, “I’m sorry” moment and came up with the perfect one, if I do say so myself. By adding some context to the picture through the addition of words, it came to life.

If this does not scream “decay”, I am not sure what does! Plus, the darkness and camera angle add a sense of noir to the shot.

Shed-ing Away


I think pushing someone out of a doggy door warrants an apology, but I am not sure this baby means his “I’m sorry”!

Ya gotta go!

Droodling, Recording, and Instructing…All in One Week!

This week’s Daily Create prompts were interesting to say the least! There were so many random and varying ways to express creativity.  I tried to choose three completely different forums through which to create something original, and personally, I think they turned out very well! The droodle, which I had never even heard of before, most likely gave me the most trouble. This was because I wanted to be super creative and make something simple and complex at the same time, much like the examples that I researched. The last two were fairly easy, as I chose to record a silent movie of the various encounters one experiences during a trip to downtown Fredericksburg, and to instruct someone on how to use a Keurig to make a K-Cup beverage.

Can you guess what is missing in my droodle?

Droodle, Droodle, Droodle, I made it with a pen!

It’s the cat from “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss! His bow tie and hat are there, but the cat’s face is missing!


My trip to the “Silent City” was full of antique shops, dark roads, street lights, parallel parking, and power-walking ladies!


Avid coffee drinkers, or in my case, avid hot chocolate drinkers, will find these instructions simple and easy to follow to make the perfect Keurig cup beverage.

How to Use a Keurig (Model: MINI Plus B31 Keurig Brewer)

  1. Plug the cord into a grounded outlet.
  2. Press the Power button.
  3. Lift the cold water reservoir lid.
  4. Pour the desired amount of water (minimum of 6 ounces and maximum of 10 ounces) into the reservoir.
  5. Lift the brewer handle (The water will start to drain into the brewer when the handle is lifted).
  6. Choose a mug or cup and place it on the drip tray.
  7. Select a K-Cup portion pack of your choice.
  8. Place the K-Cup into the assembly housing that appears when the brewer handle is lifted. (*Caution: there are sharp needles in the assembly housing in order to puncture the K-Cup when the brewer handle is lowered)
  9. Make sure all of the water has drained into the brewer (This should take approximately 5 seconds).
  10. Lower the brewer handle completely.
  11. Press the BREW button (It should be flashing blue).
  12. The BREW button will flash red while the water is heating.
  13. After two minutes approximately, it will turn solid red and the beverage will begin to dispense into your chosen mug or cup.
  14. Once the beverage is fully dispensed, lift the brewer handle and remove the empty K-Cup.
  15. Press the Power button to turn the Keurig off.
  16. Enjoy your beverage!

Doesn’t it look delicious?


Until next time, my fellow creators!

A Haiku, a Yodel, and an Eye…Oh My!

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Thankfully, I have many different avenues to challenge my creativity through ds106 Daily Create assignments. I do not think I have ever expressed myself in so many different ways within a span of three days. From writing poetry,  to yodeling, to modeling (eye modeling that is), my Daily Creates for this week are true masterpieces. :)

My first weapon of choice is the following haiku, which allowed for a short vent about the transition into ds106.

Embark on a Dark Start

Login, type, repeat.

What an overwhelming week!

Noir, such a dark treat!

I suggest you turn your volume all the way up for this next daily create, and I challenge you to try and out-yodel me!


Don’t let this next one scare you, it’s just me myself and eye! ;)

Eye Eye, Captain!


See you next week, with both of my eyes!