About Me!

This website serves as an extension of the ds106 agency, publishing works of pure creativity, blog posts of varying degrees and whatever else is inspired by the world of noir. Wherever this course takes me, I can guarantee that the process and journey will be narrated on this site.

On a more personal note, I think my readers deserve to know a little about the person behind the creations and posts. My name is Kendall Parker and I am a freshman at the University of Mary Washington. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so I commute back and forth to campus. I am a student-athlete, representing the university as part of the Women’s Basketball team, and am also a political science major. I strive to become a part of the FBI in some capacity in the future. Away from basketball (which only happens very rarely), my hobbies include drawing, listening to music of all kinds, and watching television.

My personality is very comical and light-hearted, and that side of me will hopefully shine through in my posts, so that all readers get a sense of who I truly am.

Just remember one thing…ds106 is a lifestyle.

#ds106 #4life


Courtesy of Winterberry Portraits
Courtesy of Winterberry Portraits

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