And That’s a Wrap!

Week two of our case, The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce, is complete and resolved!  After finding a lot of the evidence last week but not too many answers, we were bound and determined to finish up the case this week and find NoirCat! This determination led us to success. I tracked a lot of this success in my personal updates this week on Wednesday and earlier today, Sunday. I was also a very busy tweeter this week, as I had to make sure that the followers of our case were kept abreast with daily updates. Check out some of my tweets from this week below:

The anonymous email that you can see above was sent to us early on in the week (Monday, April 13), but we were unable to recover it, after it disappeared thirty seconds post receiving it. I did some makeshift computer hacking and have been working recovering the email since Monday. I was finally able to find the email, but was unable to track the email account. It has essentially gone into nonexistence. I desperately wanted to find the sender, because BWA would really like to give thanks for the helpful and very accurate tip! If the sender is reading this now, THANKS!

Anonymous Tip

As you can see from one of our tweets, we got the team together on Thursday, so we could assess the case and finalize our plan of attack, if you will. As of that point, we had not approached NoirCat, so we had no clue that she faked her own disappearance. We had planned for the worst case scenario: that we would come across a disgruntled and angry catnapper. However, it ended up that all we faced was a melancholy and dejected cat. I interviewed NoirCat, thinking that she was going to open up about her catnapper. As a surprise to me and my team, she confessed to faking it, in order to escape the degradation that she faced from the DS106 community. I relayed the information that I received from NoirCat to the agency and made a video with captions of her responses, which a feline translator fed me during the interview.

With this last detail, I was able to finalize the suspect board, which I have been working on throughout this entire case. Before viewing the finalized board, however, please check out the first update of this week. It includes Daphne’s interview claims, NoirCat’s tag and collar and the abandoned building that they led to, and the anonymous tip that led to the “Cat’s Closet” with a photo of NoirCat leaving out of the kitty door. Enjoy:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.36.02 PM

The next and final update includes all of the evidence that leads directly back to NoirCat as the victim and catnapper in this case! It includes the series of soft paws leading to the house that NoirCat was found in, her interview that I conducted, and the confessions that she made in that interview. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.13.40 PM

As stated previously, NoirCat has been devastated by her treatment from the DS106 community and does not desire to return. After closing the case of “The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce”, we moved onto Case #002, “The Transfer of NoirCat”. We could not let her face such objectification again! Therefore, we came up with a plan to send her to Japan with a new identity. In order for this to happen, however, we first had to obtain a “PussPort” for her travel. I assumed this responsibility and designed the perfect “PussPort”. I  changed NoirCat’s appearance by dying her hair partially white and giving her a Japanese disguise. NoirCat will now forever be known as Ivanna Befree. Check it out below:

PussPort cover Pussport


I perused through some work completed by my fellow ds106’ers and was very impressed with their progress on each of their cases. I found some really tell-all evidence. I commented on Dalina’s post,  Sebastian’s post, Brenda’s post, Lawrence’s post, Edie’s post, John’s post, Jota’s post, Jeffrey’s post, Victoire’s post, and Brian’s post.

I am so satisfied with the results of this case, as we could not have helped a smarter or more beautiful woman than Ivanna Befree. She is so happy now and that makes me happy. Although it is not my usual type of case, it is definitely one that will leave a lasting impression on me. :)

Jewel out.

Update: The Finale

Since Wednesday’s update, I have been painstakingly working to recover the anonymous email that we received at the beginning of the week, which led us to the “Cat’s Closet”. Since it disappeared thirty seconds after we received it, I have been trying to track down the actual email and sender. Unfortunately, the email account no longer exists to help us discover who sent it, but I was able to do a little bit of computer hacking and finally found the email itself. Even though we will not be able to thank the anonymous tipper, we will have all pieces of evidence for the case.

Anonymous Tip

During our visit to the “Cat’s Closet”, we spied a cat leaving through the kitty door and went outside to see if it was NoirCat.  The cat was nowhere to be found, but we followed a trail of soft paws to an empty house in a neighborhood in downtown Fredericksburg. There NoirCat was, at last, looking very distressed and sitting by a window! I approached her calmly, in order to get an interview, while the rest of the agency members left to take a little pressure off of her. My fellow team members linked me up with a feline translator, so that I could understand NoirCat as we conversed. In the video below, which I made for the followers of this case, I added subtitles for translation purposes:

As you can see, NoirCat confessed to staging her own catnapping. This poor female has faced so much objectification, and as a woman who has witnessed many cases like this one, I could not stand the idea of returning her to the DS106 community. She couldn’t either! After conducting this interview, I got together with Edie, Sylvia, and Grandma, and we decided to take NoirCat on as a new client. Unfortunately, we cannot allow conflict of interest, so we had to discontinue our business relationship with Maggie.

As always, you can count on me to keep the suspect board up-to-date, so I finalized it with the last pieces of evidence and culprit: NoirCat, herself! I am very pleased with the way this board organized our case, and am glad I thought of it.  It really helped when we had to look back at what we had found to see where to go next. Keeping our followers abreast of our progress throughout the two weeks of this case has been important as well.  Check out the final board below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.13.40 PM

NoirCat is no longer a part of DS106. She is living a life free of objectification, under her new identity as Ivanna Befree, in Japan. I have a friend who works at the local “PussPort Agency”, who was able to help me make Ivanna’s new “PussPort”. She has been given contact information for each BWA member, so she may get in touch with us if she needs further help. It has been a pleasure to help such a wonderful woman!

PussPort cover Pussport

I also continued my tweeting since Wednesday, as we worked through the end of this case. I decided that I love Twitter, because it allows me to share agency news immediately with those following BWA. Individually, I have been very productive, and feel like I contributed greatly to our agency’s success. On to the next case!

Jewel out.


The Evidence Is In…

Check-in #3…check! Ladies and gents, I am proud to say we are right on NoirCat’s tail. Since my last update on Sunday, we have found all the evidence we need to lead us to her location. Since Sunday, the puzzle pieces are really starting to fit together. Upon leaving Groom’s location, we discovered NoirCat’s tag and collar leading to an abandoned building in downtown Fredericksburg. After extensive searching and study of the feline feces, we concluded that NoirCat had been there, but had left just hours before we arrived. Luckily, the agency received an anonymous tip via email that led to a search of the “Cat’s Closet” store on Caroline Street. I was getting ready to tell the ladies to pack it up and come back another day, when we heard a loud noise from the back of the store. Just as we rounded the corner, we saw NoirCat going through the kitty door. There is no evidence of human DNA that coincides with her tracks, but we are still searching. Edie was able to capture a photo of the scene.



We followed NoirCat’s trails as far as we could, and we found a very interesting and quite disturbing piece of evidence. A series of “soft paws” (no, I didn’t know what they were at first, either. But I Googled it, and it turns out that they are essentially cat nail polish covers.) leads to a house in a neighborhood of Fredericksburg. At first, we didn’t think anything of it, but I was examining them for DNA when I found tiny letters etched into each one. Grandma (or Margaret as you all know her) did some descrambling and came up with the phrase “Don’t Find Me” spelled out. This particular piece of evidence raised some very important questions of how much danger she is really in and if someone is trying to threaten us to stop looking. I mean, its like the catnappers are trying to frame her for her own disappearance. That’s not plausible….is it? Oh I tell you, this case has really gotten to me. I’m starting to question some of my own initial theories. Well, as our Twitter account runner, you can count on me for day-to-day updates with what we find. I have also updated the suspect board with all of the new evidence. These connections lead somewhere and I will find out where!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.36.02 PM

The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce: Week One

This week was definitely unorthodox compared to those in the past. Rather than just creating art in different mediums, we were assigned a case to solve. My agency will be working on: “The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce”.          Maggie Black filed a missing cat report with Black Widow Agency, as NoirCat is nowhere to be found! We began the week by using the information that Black and Groom provided. Since the only location we had to go on was Groom’s place, (as he accused his dog, Daphne, of chewing on part of a ransom note) we began there. It turns out that we did find parts of the ransom note.

"We have your cat. If you every want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the Pie..."
“We have your cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the Pie…”

Unfortunately, Daphne ate the end of it, so we were unable to make out where the catnappers want to meet. We continued our search of Groom’s location. While there, I personally conducted an interview with Daphne, thanks to help from a canine translator. The translator fed me the dog’s answers to my questions through an ear bud. Daphne did not have much to say on the subject, which is a bit odd considering her “best friend” supposedly disappeared. She did mention that NoirCat is not fond of the ds106 community that Maggie Black is a part of. It’s not much to go on, but we will put it all together eventually.

Julia: Well, hello Daphne. I’m Julia James.

Daphne: *Growls

Julia: I want to ask you a few questions about NoirCat. So, I’ll start by saying, I know you’re a dog and she’s a cat, and things can get pretty heated there. But I’m going to try to keep an open mind. So I’m going to ask you, once for the record, what’s your relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: We are friends! Actually, we are best friends!

Julia: Oh friends, huh? I’m not sure I buy it! But anyway, why did we find the ransom note at your house?

Daphne: Because I ate it! I was hungry, okay?!

Julia: Okay then? Well, I guess my next question is…what do you know about Maggie Black and her relationship with NoirCat?

Daphne: She doesn’t hate Maggie! But she does hate some community she’s a part of…I think it’s called DS106.

Julia: We will be sure to look into that. But with the little that you gave us to go on, how do you expect us to find your friend?

Daphne: Trust me, you shouldn’t find her. That’s all I’m saying.


The next task in the case of finding NoirCat was to organize all of the information, evidence, and people we have come across so far. I decided to take the initiative to create a suspect board that ties together our suspects with the evidence that we have found, which we will update over the course of this case. This also created the perfect opportunity to submit an original assignment to the Assignment Bank. Once again, I asked my associate, Kendall Parker, to submit it under her name.  “This Assignment is Suspect!” is its name and organization is its game! If you want to complete it, feel free to check out the up-to-date version of mine on our agency website 24/7. Currently, this is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.27.12 AM

As you can see, the board contains some evidence that I did not mention previously. This is because I cannot take full credit for finding it. I have been working with the three other women in Black Widow Agency (Edie, Sylvia, and Margaret). Edie has made some “Lost” posters and discovered the magnetic strip used to disable the microchip in NoirCat. As you can see on the board, this ties back to Joan Crawford, one of the few people who knows about the chip and the doctor who inserted it. In addition, Sylvia discovered NoirCat’s tag and collar, leading us to an abandoned building in downtown Fredericksburg. As of now, these are our only leads, but we will be checking out the abandoned building next.

Creating this board is perfect, because it is representative of our primary media (design). The interview is audio in nature,  which is one of our three supplemental medias (audio, photography, and video).

In addition to contributing to posts on my agency’s website, I also wrote up individual check-in posts, in order to update followers of this case with my personal progress and views. My first check-in was on Wednesday (4/8/15) and the second was posted today, Sunday (4/12/15).

The members of BWA sat down together on Thursday evening to hash out the details of the case to that point. Everyone made great points concerning the case, as some theories are very plausible. However, it would show bias to reveal these theories. We need to evaluate the evidence as it is uncovered to be sure we arrive at the correct conclusion!

I am also the operator of our agency Twitter account and have been updating our followers with the progress of the case throughout the week.

In addition to submitting another original assignment (This Assignment is Suspect!) this week, I also satisfied the final two additional requirements by creating two tutorials. One was for my first original assignment, “Email! Email! Read All About It!”. Following this, I attempted to pay Kendall Parker back for her help by creating a tutorial for an assignment that she completed weeks ago. I wrote a tutorial for the “Splash The Color” assignment. With these tutorials, I have completed all of the additional requirements for ds106. :)

I also took the time to look at all of the other agencies’ progress this week and was able to leave them some personal remarks. I commented on Stirrup Trouble’s post, Chelsea’s post, Sylvia’s post, Rhiannon’s post,  Phoenix’s post, Johnny Corner Pocket’s post, and Sasha’s post.

This week has been a productive one, full of evidence finding and case organization. Although we have no certain leads yet, I’m confident that NoirCat’s location will be discovered soon, considering who’s on the case!  Black Widow Agency will not be stopped!

Jewel out.

“Splash The Color” Tutorial

1.  Install the free “Photo Splash” app onto your iPhone, if you don’t already have  it, and then open it.

IMG_12912. Press “Start”.


3. Press “Start New Project”.


4. Choose the “Photo Albums” option. A message will prompt you to enable access to your photos. IMG_1294


5. Choose the photo you wish to edit from your album. It will then appear automatically in black and (white in the app.

6. Use your finger to “paint” (restore)  the color back to the object you wish to “splash” (Zoom in to sections where you need to define outline edges).


7. Press the top right button when complete (looks like a cloud with an arrow pointing up beneath it), in order to share it.

8. Press “Save to Photo Album” (Pick original resolution when prompted).


You will then be able to upload it to flickr and your blog post, as required. 

“Email! Email! Read All About It!” Tutorial


  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account with your Email address and personal password.
  3. Choose the “Email Campaign” option.
  4. From the “Pick a Template” menu, choose “Purpose” and then “Newsletter/General”.
  5. Click “Select” on the template of your choice.
  6. It’s time to get creative by entering text and images, relevant to your entity, into the blocks of your choice. You may change the background color of the newsletter as well.
  7. Once you have a finished product, hit “Save” (bottom right).
  8. Then hit “Next”.
  9. Enter a subject in the “Subject Line Required” field.
  10. Hit “Save”.
  11. Hit “Save & Exit”.
  12. Under the Contacts tab, create an “Email List” by hitting the “+” button.
  13. Enter a name for your list of DS106 recipients (you do not need to “Allow people to sign up for this list”) and hit “Next”.
  14. From the next screen, I chose to add my contacts manually.
  15. Enter a contact’s Email address and then hit “Save & Add Another”.
  16. Repeat Step #15 until you have entered at least 5 DS106 contacts. Also, add your own Email as a contact, so you will have a copy of the newsletter! *This is important because once you send it, it will be deleted from VerticalResponse and you won’t have a copy to submit on flickr and add to your blog post.
  17. After entering the last contact, hit “Save & Exit”.
  18. Choose the “Messages” tab and click on your Email. Scroll down and hit “Next”.
  19. “Select Your Audience” by checking the box next to your “List” and then click “Send Now”.
  20. Upon receiving the newsletter to your own Email address, either take a screenshot of it or print a hard copy and take a photo of it (this is necessary if your newsletter is too large to screenshot, as mine was!), in order to submit it to flickr and add to your blog post.

We Are Off and Running!

At my last check-in, BWA had just begun its case. We had found one piece of evidence (the ransom note) and began a suspect board. Since that time, Wednesday 4-8-15, we have discovered even more evidence in the disappearance of NoirCat. Personally, I took a trip to Groom’s location in order to interview Daphne, his dog. After figuring out that she had devoured a section of the ransom note, I decided that we had to see if she knew any more about the case of NoirCat, in general. Since I don’t speak “dog” on the regular (I know…shocking!), the agency hired a canine translator who fed me Daphne’s answers as I went through the interview. Unfortunately I was unable to get a lot out of her. She was very short with me. Check out the interview here.

While I was conducting this interview, my colleague, Edie, designed a “Lost” poster to try and get any leads from the people walking the streets. We haven’t received any hits yet. Therefore, if you are reading this and have any clues, feel free to contact the agency, or me personally. Upon interviewing Daphne, we searched the premises for more clues. On top of the entertainment center, Edie spotted a cracked box, surrounded by cat fur. Inside of the box, there was a magnetic strip that was used to disable NoirCat’s microchip. It is clear that whoever catnapped her, knew about the chip beforehand. We began looking for clues that could lead us to NoirCat’s location. We headed towards William Street and Sylvia spotted NoirCat’s tag. Considering that there is no tag without a collar, we continued down William Street until Sylvia spotted her matching pink collar. Mysteriously enough, the stitching that read “If lost return to Maggie Black” was partially illegible. The words “Maggie Black” appeared to be scratched out. The collar was found right outside of an abandoned building. It is clear that NoirCat was taken there first, after leaving from Groom’s location. We will check out the premises today and try to find any clues that will lead us to where she was taken next. With all of this new evidence, I was able to update the suspect board since my last check-in. I added the information about the cat tracker and disabler, and tied it back to Joan Crawford (the doctor who input the microchip into NoirCat). Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.27.12 AM

We are hot on the trail of whoever took NoirCat, and we won’t rest until we find her. As the case develops even more, I will make another update. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for NoirCat.

Jewel out.

And So It Begins…

Well…my agency’s case has been delivered, and we are are beyond excited to take on a case that doesn’t involve a woman being degraded by a man. Or at least we don’t think it does, yet. Maggie Black has filed a Missing Cat Report with Black Widow Agency (BWA) for NoirCat, a.k.a. Meowdred Pierce. NoirCat has disappeared with only trace evidence left behind. She has not only disappeared from Maggie’s life, she has even disappeared from everything online, most prominently are the birthday cards that Maggie received and the Week 3 video that she first appeared in. We have also been given the clue that Maggie’s Cat Tracker app does not work and neither does the microchip that she had installed in NoirCat. In addition, Groom is awfully suspicious of his dog, Daphne. My colleagues and I think this may be too good to be true. Come on, I mean cat versus dog? That is a bit cliché if I do say so myself. However, it is certainly worth looking into and that is exactly why Daphne is one of our suspects. Speaking of suspects, I have been proactive in the solving of this case, as I am bound and determined to figure out what happened to NoirCat. While some of my fellow Black Widows are making “Lost” posters, I have started a suspect board on a cork board that is in our agency headquarters. Throughout the case, I shall be building the web of suspects and evidence more and more until I find one connection that sticks. This early on in the case, I have included the most logical suspects, as we have yet to find much evidence that would incriminate anyone else. These suspects include Daphne, Maggie (Sorry, Maggie, you just have a certain connection to NoirCat that we couldn’t overlook), Joan Crawford (the doctor that installed NoirCat’s microchip– it is a bit suspicious that it suddenly stopped working), and Groom. One might question our decision about including Groom, but he seemed a bit too anxious to blame Daphne. Plus, he interacted with one of our BWA tweets, begging for discretion in aspects of the case that may relate to him. This is very suspicious if you ask me. And since I run our Twitter account and witnessed his jumpiness firsthand, I was able to convince the rest of the women to include him on the board. Although we have not found evidence that points in any other person’s direction, we have found most of the scraps of the ransom note that Daphne was allegedly eating. This one piece of evidence is also included on the suspect board because it has to lead somewhere!  Check out the note:

"We have your cat. If you every want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the Pie..."
“We have your cat. If you every want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie…”

Unfortunately, the rest of the note is missing (or currently being pooped out by Daphne), so we are unable to make out where the catnappers want to meet. Hopefully there will be more on this in the future.

Below is what we have on our suspect board so far. This is a medium through which we shall organize the case, and we will keep adding to it with every piece of evidence found and every person uncovered.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 11.46.16 PM

I have my personal suspicions about what happened to NoirCat, but a hunch is not enough to go on, yet. You better believe that I will follow it, though, until I can rule out any probable situations. With as many cases as I have seen over the years, I can easily say that anything is possible! Just remember, things are not always what they seem. I will gather as much evidence as possible and update you all soon with my findings. BWA will get to the bottom of this!

Jewel out.


I’m in Heaven in Week Eleven

After teaming back up with my fellow MaNOIRpulators and my Grandma last week, we went to work this week establishing ourselves on the web in different capacities. We formed Black Widow Agency (BWA). composed of Margaret Pinault, Julia James (me, of course), Edie Waz, and Sylvia Stone. In order to really plant ourselves into the online world, we created an agency website and a Twitter account. We are bound and determined to get our name out there, so that we can help women in need. Throughout the week, our members have also been creating different advertising materials for the agency including a newsletter, business card, logo, license plate, quizzes, bumper stickers, etc. BWA is ready to get started on missions, as we have established ourselves in the DS106 community as a top agency comprised of intelligent and sexy women (and, yes, that includes Grandma!).

For Week 11, we were required to create 5 stars of web assignments and 5 stars of any kind of media assignments (total of 10). For part of the 5 web assignments, I completed the prompt, “Pop Quiz!”. I created 5 questions and provided the answers given by each agency member. The participant must try to guess which answers I gave. It is a great way to get to know me and my mindset. For the rest of the 5 web stars, I created my first original assignment called, “Email! Email! Read All About It!”. Since the existing web assignments do not really lend themselves to being completed for an entire agency, a perfect opportunity to create my own emerged. The newsletter that I created announces the formation of our agency and gives details on each member’s role in BWA. The next assignment that I completed comes from the design category. I included a      “Noir Valentine” card that our agency received from a mysterious “Secret Admirer”. It was too great to pass up!  My final assignment contributed to our web presence, as I created a “Theme Song” for our agency played to the tune “Black Widow”, by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. It includes sound effects and voice-overs that make it unique to BWA. The assignments this week were all created with my agency and its members in mind.

We only had to complete two Daily Creates this week, and I enjoyed both of them tremendously. The first is a birthday card for Maggie Black, the hard-working tutor for DS106.

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

The second is a sound map of Fredericksburg, VA. I was unable to do one for my hometown of Chicago, because I was away on “business” this week. I actually enjoyed the sounds of Fredericksburg. because it is much more peaceful compared to the noisy streets of Chicago.

Until next week, Daily Creates!

I explored my fellow DS106’ers works once again this week.  I commented on Tiffany’s post, Edith’s post, Jota’s post, Amanda’s post, Cody’s post, Brianna’s post, Christine’s post, Gyeore’s post, Stephanie’s post, and Erin’s post.

In addition to the required tasks for Week 11, I also created two original Daily Creates. I really hope they come up soon on the website, because I can’t wait to see the twists that others put on the prompts. The first, “Special High Five”, is a video assignment, and the second, “Begin to Face a Fear Today”, is a drawing assignment. Check out the instructions for each below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.20.10 PM


Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.24.59 PM


With one original assignment and two original Daily Creates submitted, I only have to complete one more original assignment and two tutorials to complete the additional requirements.

This week was one full of blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, I have to admit…the blood wasn’t mine and the tears weren’t either. Ha! Anyways, it was also full of hard work. Ciao!

Jewel out.

Black Widow, Baby!

Since we are forming and expanding our Black Widow Agency this week, I feel that we definitely need a theme song to represent what we do. That is why I chose the  “Your Theme Song” assignment, which states:

If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what would it sound like? Get creative and create your own sounds or select an instrumental from Youtube or any other source that represents you well. If you are going the youtube route, remember to use VidtoMp3. Once you have selected your background music, find some sounds/effects to incorporate into it using Audacity or other editing software. You can find free sounds at SoundBible. Once completed, upload to Soundcloud and share it with us.

This assignment is worth 4 points.

Given the name of our agency, what song could represent us better than Iggy Azalea’s and Rita Ora’s “Black Widow”?!  The answer is…NONE! The chorus and second verse fit ideally with the seduction and danger that is BWA. In order to create our theme music,  I edited the song to include only these sections and added some of my own effects. For example, at the beginning, I added ambulance siren sounds and a quick voice-over intro, because we honestly do rescue women. In addition, I added a gun shot and more sirens at the end to contribute a sense of intensity, because if we are nothing else, we are definitely four intense women! All of the audio editing was completed in the program Audacity.

This theme song stands for what we believe in as a whole. It captures the mindset of BWA, as this agency will do whatever it takes to untangle the webs that certain men weave, just like a black widow, baby!

Jewel out.